Lighthouse Photo Scavenger Hunt! August 26

This afternoon the students set off into the sunshine on a Scavenger Hunt! They got into teams of 2 or 3 and were given two lists of items to find around Byron Bay. The first list included items relevant to their afternoon Options class and the second were general items around Byron Bay. The first team back for each class who had completed their Options class list won a 6-pack of beer, and the team back first with both lists complete won a Kayaking Trip each from BWT!

The winning team from Ellie’s Mixed Skills class was Maria, Yuki and Priscilla.

winning team ellies class - yukimariapriscilla

They won a 6-pack of beer for being the first team back with their Options Class list completed! In class they are studying ‘Health and Fitness’ this week, so their list of items reflected what they have been learning. They completed items on the list such as a photo of a team member doing the “Usain Bolt” pose in a shop that sells sports clothes, a selfie with a person who looks like they exercise regularly (though they are not sure he understood why they wanted a photo with him!), a photo with a beach towel that is bigger than the smallest team member, a photo of team members doing yoga poses in the park, and a photo of a team member showing three products which help us stay safe in the sun.

Paul’s Speak like a Native class had a very efficient team win the beer after completing the class list!

winning team Pauls class - julianomaria

Juliano and Maria were very quick (and rather puffed out on their return) and completed their list by getting photos of Aussie slang words, for example, of a team member holding a pair of “Budgy Smugglers”, a photo of a “Hot Chick” and a “Hot Bloke”, a photo of the “Meat Pie Menu” and a photo of a tube of “Zinc Cream” at the Chemist.

The winning team from Becky’s Film and Music class was Vanessa, Leticia and Momoko.

winning team beckys class - leticiamomokovanessa

They were the quickest team in their class to complete the items on their class list which were about Film, Music and Australiana, including getting photos of the two video shops in Byron Bay, a shop where you can buy records, a video of a busker, a photo of Aboriginal Art, a photo of a team member holding a boomerang and an example of Aboriginal language.

The winners of the BIG prize, for completing both the class list AND the general list were Richard and Emiko!

overall winner - emiko richard

After completing the list from Paul’s class by getting photos of “snags”, a carton of Coopers Pale Ale (beer) at the “bottlo”, and the “bouncer” at Beach Hotel, just to name a few, they then completed the general list too! This included getting a selfie at the Lighthouse, photos of the most easterly point of Australia, a photo using the barbecue at Wategos Beach, a photo of the waves at The Pass, a selfie at the Lexis English school sign and a photo of them doing a surf pose in front of BWT!


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