English and Yoga students enjoy their first week


Mariko from Japan and Angela from Spain joined us this week on the Lexis Byron Bay English and Yoga programme. This course includes full time English classes plus the opportunity to take advantage of the many different types of yoga on offer in Byron Bay.

So far this week Mariko and Angela have practised Vinyasa flow with Alex at the Lexis Byron Bay Campus Yin Yoga and Ashtanga (modified primary series) at Creature Yoga in the Arts and Industry Park and Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga, Byron Bay.

I asked them which had been their favourite so far and this is what they told me:


“The Bikram Yoga was really good. It was my first experience of hot yoga and I sweated a lot but it wasn’t too hot or too difficult. The instructor spoke slowly and it was easy to understand, as well as follow the people in front of me. Afterwards, I felt really refreshed.”


“I liked the Ashtanga because it’s more dynamic and, personally,  I find it really difficult to hold a pose for a long time, such as in Yin Yoga. Bikram was really nice too, although it was a bit difficult at first because of the heat. It was worth it though because, afterwards,  I felt an amazing  sense of  peace and achievement.”

Mariko and Angela now have passes for both studios to last them the full two weeks, including the weekends, and they still have Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Yang to Yin and Hatha Yoga classes to try!

If you are interested in the English and Yoga course at Lexis Byron Bay please contact marketing@lexisenglish.com for more information.

hot yoga pose chart

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