Graduation! August 12

This week we have six students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay.

Jongwon is from Korea and graduates from David’s Pre-Intermediate class. He has been a pleasure to have in class and a committed student. He has worked well to improve his English skills and his confidence in using the language. His classmates gave him a send-off yesterday and wish him all the best for the future!


Teacher Paul (centre, back) with the Intermediate class including graduating students Romane to the left and Emilio to the right of Paul.

Emilio is from Spain and graduates from Paul’s Intermediate class. He has been a respectful student who was a pleasure to teach and he has improved his English during his time at Lexis. Emilio is also a keen surfer who has made the most of the awesome surf in Byron Bay. Keep chasing those waves Emilio!

Romane is from Belgium and graduates from Paul’s Intermediate class. She has improved her English and has been involved in many different activities, such as learning how to surf. She has made great friends with other students from all over the world during her time at Lexis Byron Bay. All the best for the future Romane!


Teacher Ellie (front, right) with her IELTS class including graduating students (back from left to right): Lucas, Pedro and Santi.

Pedro is from Brazil and graduates from Ellie’s IELTS class. He has had a fantastic attitude to his learning and always asks questions to explore and enhance his understanding and use of the English language. He has a very high level of English and has made great improvements during his time here. Pedro is venturing into a new chapter of his Australian life, taking on more studies to further his career. We wish you the best of luck with your next course and hope you continue to enjoy living in Australia!

Lucas is from Brazil and graduates from Ellie’s IELTS class. He has been an active contributor to class discussions and activities, providing interesting and through-provoking points of view. He has improved his English to achieve a deeper understanding and more natural use of the language. Lucas has also made a lasting impression on the attached Student Accommodation, by creating a beautiful mural on an otherwise dull wall. Both his artistic talents and his friendly personality will be missed around here!

Santiago is from Spain and graduates from Ellie’s IELTS class. He has been an enthusiastic student who happily shares his learning and understanding with his classmates. He has developed his excellent listening skills and learns new phrases quickly. Santi has been the student who wears the most fluorescent clothing to  class and has been enjoying the great surf of Byron Bay during his time here! We wish you the best on your return to Spain!



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