Surf Lesson! August 8

Last week, on Wednesday, we had our 1-hour Surf Lesson. After getting our wetsuits on, carrying the surfboards, walking down to the beach and being taught a few of the basics on the sand, there came a rumble of thunder and crack of lightning over the ocean! The storm was forecast to pass right over Byron Bay, so unfortunately it was not safe to continue our lesson. Not to be put off by this, we rescheduled our lesson for the next week and we went along to learn to surf yesterday afternoon!


The weather was looking nice and the surf conditions good, so we quickly put on our wetsuits, grabbed the surfboards and walked down to the beach to begin our lesson. Our instructor Katie recapped the basic skills we had learnt last week but not been able to put into practice yet, and we were soon in the water to test them out!


We caught a few waves to get the feel of being out in the surf, then returned to the sand to learn to most important part – how to stand up. Katie gave us some excellent advice on how to do this, then we were back in the water to try it ourselves.


The first few times, while still getting used to the feel of being on the surfboard and trying to remember everything we had been taught, resulted in falling off the board almost as soon as getting to our feet! But with a bit more practice and the ongoing support of our instructor, each and every one of us managed to get to our feet and stay standing on the board to ride some small waves.


It was a lot of fun and all of us are keen to get back out there as soon as possible! Thanks to our wonderful instructor Katie from the team at Let’s Go Surfing for teaching us how to surf!



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