New Starters! July 25

This week we have eight new starters joining us at Lexis Byron Bay. Meet Nagomi, Esther, Maria, Carla, Romane, Martina, Edna and Rika.


Nagomi is from Japan and enjoys listening to English music. Her favourite song is “Don’t stop believing”,  which was the first song she could sing in English. She also likes the sea and nature, which is why she wanted to study English in Australia. She hopes to be able to speak English well so that one day she can be an Interpreter.

Esther is from Spain and and likes being active, especially with swimming and pilates. She works in Marketing at a bank in Madrid, and needs to use English in her job almost daily. She decided to study English here because it has always been her dream to visit Australia. She has always thought the quality of life, beaches and weather in Australia make it a great country to live  in. She hopes to see a koala and kangaroo before she leaves the country!

Maria is from Spain and lives in a small town in the Pyrenees Mountains. She works as a Ski Instructor in the Winter, and as a Waitress in a restaurant in the Summer. She looked at many places to visit in Australia before deciding to visit Byron Bay because it looks like paradise! She wants to improve her English at Lexis to improve her chances of finding work here.

Carla is from Spain and likes to surf and snowboard. She works as a Snowboarding Instructor, as a Waitress and at a Surf shop. She decided to study English at Lexis Byron Bay because Australia is such a nice place. She hopes to stay in Australia for a long time and make the most of this new experience!

Romane is from Belgium. She started her travels in Western Australia, where she spent three weeks learning English at Lexis Perth. She has joined us at Lexis Byron Bay to continue improving her English for another three weeks before returning home.

Martina is from Switzerland and loves riding horses and skiing. She chose to study English in Australia because it is a beautiful country that is so different from her own. She will spend six weeks with us in Byron Bay, enjoying the beaches and maybe even spotting some whales and other animals. Then she will spend some time in Queensland on a horse ranch before returning home.

Edna is from Brazil and is living in Australia with her husband and son on the Gold Coast. Her husband is a musician and her son goes to Primary School. She is studying at Lexis Byron Bay so that she can improve her English.

Rika is from Japan and enjoys listening to music and ballet dancing. She has been practicing ballet since she was just three years old. She came to Australia because she would like to be able to speak English, so that she can make friends with people from many different countries.




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