New Starters! June 6

Today we have eight new students joining the Lexis family in Byron Bay!


Barbara is from Switzerland and has moved to Australia with her family of four. She worked in Social Work back in Switzerland and hopes to do something similar here. Barbara is studying at Lexis Byron Bay because she wants to improve her English for living in Australia.

Seohyun is from Korea and is one of four in her family. She enjoys singing. She needs to learn English for her job and would like to develop her confidence in using English during her time at Lexis Byron Bay.

Isabella is from Brazil and lives with her family near Sao Paulo. Her parents run a marina and hotel, which Isabella also works at. She has always enjoyed water sports such as skiing and wakeboarding, and also enjoys cooking in the restaurant. She studied Food Engineering at University but decided she does not want to work in the industry. Isabella wants to improve her English and find some work with food while in Australia, to see what opportunities come her way. She is also here to travel, meet new people and absorb as much culture as she can.

Victoria is from Spain and is one of four in her family, who are very important in her life despite living so far from them. She studies Law and Business at Madrid University and though she enjoys it, she is not sure that she wants to be a lawyer or business-person. She loves nature and living a simple, healthy life. She likes to learn through experience instead of books and is looking forward to improving her English in the interesting, fun and beautiful place of Byron Bay, Australia.

Younes is from France and lives with his father, mother, older brother and younger sister. He is a High School student and hopes to one day be a pilot. Younes likes to play tennis, computer games and sports in general. He is studying English in Australia because of the good weather and wonderful views, and he would like to surf while he is here.

Richard is from Brazil and likes to go skydiving and travelling. He studied Computer Science and worked as an IT Analyst in Brazil. He is studying in Australia so he can learn English and work towards becoming fluent, which will help him get a better job back at home.

Vanessa is from Brazil and studied Administration at University. She worked in Human Resources before coming to Australia. Vanessa enjoys living near the beach, meeting new people and appreciating the sky, sun and smiles on people’s faces. She came to Byron Bay to study English because it is a small town which is calm, very green, has beautiful beaches and is peaceful. In the future, she hopes to speak English very well!

Alexia is from Brazil and is going to live in Australia for the next year and a half. She has also lived in France, South Africa and Malta. Alexia wants to learn how to speak English very well while she is living in Australia and, afterwards, hopes to move to Europe.

Welcome to Lexis Byron Bay! 🙂


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


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