One Class – Eight Countries! May 6

Claudias class

Last week Claudia’s Intermediate class had 17 students from eight different countries across the world, including Switzerland, France, Chile, Spain, Japan, Czech Republic, Korea and Russia! We asked them a few questions comparing Australia to their home country and their experience in Byron Bay. Here’s what they had to say…


What are the similarities and differences between your home country and Australia?

Vera from Czech Republic: The seasons are opposite and in the winter at home there is snow and temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius. The similarity is they are both safe countries.

Alex from Spain:  The weather is similar to Australia. It’s different because the people in Spain work more than here.

Inola from Switzerland: The climate is completely different. In Switzerland we don’t have ocean or palmtrees. Definitely not the same animals. Different cars and way of life.

Nami from Korea: A lot of vegetarian people in Australia and Korean people like vegetables. In Korea the internet is fast; Australian internet is slow.

Natsumi from Japan: The similarities: lots of interesting places to visit, for example, beautiful nature and countryside, and nice cities as well. The differences: busy train traffic.

Estelle from Switzerland: The flora and fauna are very different – I had never seen a koala or dolphin before!


What are your favourite things about Australia?

Marina from Switzerland: Nature, beach, ocean.

Miho from Japan: My favourite things about Australia are the kind people and a lot of nature.

Vera from Czech Republic: Nature, animals and beaches.

Alex from Spain: The waves and lifestyle.

Inola from Switzerland: The ocean, being able to dress informally, the warm temperature all year, Tim Tams.

Natsumi from Japan: Beautiful nature, nice people, good weather.


What do you miss most from your home country?

Miho from Japan: Friends, family, Japanese food and Japanese alcoholic drinks.

Alex from Spain: My pet, family, friends and Spanish food.

Inola from Switzerland: Food, public transport, ice skating.

Nami from Korea: Korean food, family and friends.

Estelle from Switzerland: Friends, family and food – cheese and chocolate.

Dimitri from Russia: Family, friends and the very sociable mentality.


Why did you choose to study in Byron Bay?

Marina from Switzerland: It’s a small city and a friend recommended this school.

Miho from Japan: I chose to study in Byron Bay because I can go to the Yoga Center every day.

Vera from Czech Republic: For the small town and beautiful atmosphere.

Alex from Spain: To go surfing every day.

Natsumi from Japan: The relaxing, slow life.

Estelle from Switzerland: For the small town, nature and ocean.


What do  you like doing in your free time in Byron Bay?

Marina from Switzerland: Go to the beach and watch the sun set.

Vera from Czech Republic: Walking at the beach.

Inola from Switzerland: Beach, surfing and exercise.

Pablo from Spain: Surfing and exploring  the  area.

Natsumi from Japan: Going for a walk, looking at beaches.

Estelle from Switzerland: Go to the beach and shopping.


Where have you traveled to in Australia? Where would you like to travel to?

Marina from Switzerland: I have been to Gold Coast and would like to travel the east coast to Cairns and Brisbane.

Vera from Czech Republic: I have visited the Whitsundays and Fraser Island. I’d like to travel to Uluru.

Nami from Korea: I have been to Brisbane and Gold Coast and would like to go to Uluru and Cairns.

Pablo from Spain: Queensland and I would like to come back and travel all around with a van.

Natsumi from Japan: I have visited Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. I would like to travel to the Great Barrier Reef.

Dimitri from Russia: I prefer to stay in Byron Bay… Best place ever!


What has been your favourite experience in Australia?

Marina from Switzerland: Meeting lots of nice people, visiting the Lighthouse. I will have lots of experiences during my travels.

Miho from Japan: I ate crocodile meat.

Alex from Spain: Travelling with Santi to Sydney.

Inola from Switzerland: Seeing the skate parks.

Nami from Korea: Kayaking, making friends from many countries, started bike riding.

Pablo from Spain: Surfing Snappers Rocks with the best surfers in the world during the world contest.

Natsumi from Japan: Feeding kangaroos.

Estelle from Switzerland: Holding koalas and the view from the Lighthouse.

Dimitri from Russia: All my travel in Australia has been a beautiful experience.


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