Graduation! April 22

Today we have four students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay – Jeannine, Kim, Mantana and Samonwan.


Jeannine is from Switzerland and graduates from Claudia’s Upper-Intermediate class. She has been a pleasure to teach in class and has been a truly valued member of the Lexis family in Byron Bay! She was a very active participant in class activities and discussions, and has made great improvements with her English. All the best for your travels in Australia over the next month!


Kim is from Korea and graduates from Kristy and Kathleen’s Pre-Intermediate class. He has shown great progress in his English grammar and vocabulary during his time here, and has excellent spoken English with a beautiful accent. Kim will be staying and working in Byron Bay, so if you miss him, you can find him at the fish and chip shop in Byron!


Mantana and Samonwan are from Thailand and graduate from Mel and Becky’s Elementary class. These sisters have been a pleasure to have in class. Both have improved their English speaking skills and have developed their confidence during their time here at Lexis Byron Bay. Enjoy your time in Melbourne and safe travels back to Thailand!
(They were too quick to exit the stage, so unfortunately this is the only photo we have of their graduation! Here you can see Samonwan in front of her older sister Mantana)

We also had a couple of prizes to award today…


Congratulations to Yuki who won the 6-pack of Coopers beer and a packet of TimTams for attending the free English lessons this week!


Earlier in the week we had some great suggestions for ways to enforce the English Only policy downstairs in the student lounge, and the ideas with the most votes won a prize. Congratulations to EstelleNamiNuria and Elisabeth who won First Prize, which was two 2-for-1 vouchers for a Kayaking trip with BWT! Their idea was: If you speak another language, you have to do a pledge on graduation day (like a song, dance or little game).


The runner up prize went to Shinsuke and Maito who won a 6-pack of beer! Their idea was: If a student speaks different languages, they must pay money. This money can be used for improvements to the school.


Thanks to everyone who came up with all the wonderful ideas! We were very impressed with the wide range of ideas and will be looking closely at whether it is possible to implement some of these.


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