Happy Student – Jeannine!


Jeannine has been a student at Lexis for the past 12 weeks. She has loved Byron Bay, with her favourite thing being the Lighthouse because it is such a relaxing place to look out at the expansive ocean. While studying, she said her favourite thing about Lexis was the afternoon activities and, in particular, Coffee Club. She has also improved her grammar a lot in her time here, which she is very happy with.

While in Byron Bay, Jeannine lived in a Homestay with her Host-Dad and 4-year-old Host-Sister. She loved becoming part of their little family and developed a special relationship with her Host-Sister who constantly tells Jeannine how much she loves her! They will all keep in contact and the little girl hopes to one day visit Jeannine in Switzerland.

After graduating this Friday, Jeannine has an exciting month of travel planned up the east coast and then down to Melbourne and Sydney. She is most excited about visiting Melbourne for the art, culture and cafes the city has to offer, plus some side trips to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. She also has a friend-of-a-friend there who is going to take her to an AFL match!

Jeannine is looking forward to returning home to see her family, especially her mum and grandfather, who are both meeting her at the airport in Switzerland. She plans to return to her old job as a Dental Assistant and save some money for more travel plans – to visit a friend in Canada next year, and then on to South America too!


It has been a pleasure having you at Lexis and I personally enjoyed our chats together and Coffee Club antics – your Lexis Jenga skills are very impressive! We wish you all the best for your travels in Australia and around the world! 🙂



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