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On Monday we asked our students how we can better enforce the English Only Policy downstairs in the student kitchen and lounge (where there are usually no members of staff to keep watch).

Here are the suggestions:

We can install a microphone to listen to students and if someone speaks in another language the microphone makes a noisy alarm.

Thomas, Vera, Miho and Claudia


If you speak another language, you have to clean up the classrooms.

If you speak another language you are not allowed to spend time with anyone else who speaks the same language during the day.

If you speak another language you won’t be able to join any activities for two days.

Donovan, Noriko and Pablo


For each country, nominate a person who will help all others to speak English only. Encourage not order!

Kim, Ryoma, Yuka and  Melanie


If students speak their own language they pay $20 into an English Only box.

One of the teachers stays downstairs during breaks to watch the students

If someone speaks their own language in a mix country group, the other students will give them a punishment or penalty.

Erika, Mayumi, Emiko and Doi.


If one student hears another student taking in another language they can tell a teacher and receive a point. At the end of the week, the student with the most points receive a prize.

Inola, Priscilla, Shinji and Ravi


If a student speaks different languages they must pay money. This money can be used for improvements to the school.

Shinsuke and Maito


All the students’ names are on a board downstairs and if anyone hears someone speaking another language they make a mark next to the students’ name. All students who don’t have a mark at the end of the week go into a draw to win a prize.



If a student speaks another country’s language give him or her a big report to write e.g. 1000 words.

Bernarda and Yuki


If a student speaks their own language they must go and see a teacher and if they do this more than two times they must also write 10 pages about the school and clean the toilets for a week.

Mantana and Palm


If you speak another language you have to do a pledge on graduation day (like a song, dance or little game.)

If you speak another language you have to write apologies in all the other languages that people speak in the school (English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese etc).

Teachers can take a break with students to practice English in break-time.

Estelle, Nami, Nuria and Elisabeth.

What are you favourite suggestions? On Friday, at graduation we will hand out prizes for the best ideas. I have two vouchers for a dolphin kayak trip with GoSeaKayak (normally valued at $69) to give away plus a six pack of beer.  Let me know you think should win.

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