New Cambridge FCE Class!

Meet Paul’s FCE class: Andrea from Brazil, Mireia from Spain, Yuka from Japan, Artjan from Switzerland and Ayuko from Japan, with their teacher Paul.


How long have you been in Australia?

Andrea:  I was previously in Australia for almost a year. I had to go back to Brazil, where I stayed for six months and now I’m here again for six more months and maybe more. I really like Byron Bay. I can’t say too much about the country but Byron is nice!

Artjan: I have been here in Australia almost six months and will stay until June.

Yuka: I’ve been in Australia since last October and I’m going to stay here until this November.

Ayuko: I’m from Japan. I’ve been here for 3 months and I’m going to stay until November.

Mireia: I’m from Spain. I’ve been in Australia for 6 months and I’m going to stay here for three months more.


What are the similarities and differences between your home country and Australia?

Andrea: There are so many differences between here and Brazil, like culture, people, language, money, economy, transport etc, but I can see also a lot of similarities such as weather, nature, and lifestyle.

Artjan: There are so many differences between Australia and Switzerland. For me the most dangerous difference is the traffic.

Yuka: language and weather and seasons.

Mireia: The differences between Australia and Spain are food, timetables, kind of parties, lifestyle, weather, seasons, currency, cost of living, salaries, culture and language.


What do you like doing in your free time?

Andrea: Relaxing with my friends, relax and staying with my family as well.

Artjan: I like to meet friends in my free time or do some different kind of sport for example snowboarding or soccer.

Yuka: I usually go to beach to swim or go to the pub to drink beer with my friends.

Ayuko: I like surfing and travelling.

Mireia: I like meeting with my friends, doing sport or going to the beach to chill.


What kind of music do you like?

Andrea: My favourite kinds of music are hip hop, reggae, classic rock, blues and Brazilian music. There are a lot of good musicians in Brazil and I really love to go to concerts.

Artjan: My favourite music is hardcore techno so I prefer DJs but I also like bands.

Yuka: I like RnB and Reggae. I prefer live bands.

Ayuko: I like pop music. I love Bruno Mars. His voice is so nice.

Mireia: I like different kinds of music. It depends on the situation.


What is your family like?

Andrea: My family is not so big. I have only one brother and one sister, older than me and we get on well with each other. I can say I really miss them at the moment.

Artjan: My immediate family is small but my extended family is big and all over the world. I have one younger sister, one stepsister and two stepbrothers.

Yuka: I have a small family who are my father and mother and one older sister. They’re my immediate family.

Ayuko: I have two older brothers. They are so nice and I love them.

Mireia: I don’t have any brothers and sisters but I’ve got a stepsister and stepbrothers and I get on well with them.


How many languages do you speak? Would you like to learn more?

Andrea: I speak Portuguese and a bit English and I would like to learn more languages like Spanish and French.

Yuka: I speak Japanese and English and Indonesian. I’m studying English and Indonesian now.

Ayuko: I speak Japanese and a little English.

Mireia: I speak almost three languages; Catalan, Spanish and a little English.


If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

Andrea: If I could learn a new skill at the moment I’d chose psychology.

Artjan: If I could learn a new skill, I would like to learn to fix a car. So it is much cheaper when my car has a problem.

Yuka: If I could learn a new skill, I’d choose to learn Spanish.

Ayuko: I used to work at café as a waitress in Japan before I came here. Now, I want to learn more and be a specialist of latte art (even though I can’t drink coffee because it’s so bitter for me; even café latte).

Mireia: If I could learn a new skill, I would like to study Logistics in English.

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