Graduation! March 18

We have 8 students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay this week – Nancy, Minato, Michael, Eric, Isabelle, Yann, Simon and Kazuki (although Yann and Simon were not at graduation to be photographed and Kazuki left school earlier this week).

Nancy is from Italy and she graduates today from Claudia’s Intermediate class. Claudia says she has been a great student who has worked hard and talked a lot, helping quieter students to find their voices. Nancy will be staying in Australia for 2 years to live, work and travel, so we hope Lexis has been a memorable start to her time here.


Teacher Claudia and Nancy

Minato is from Japan and although she has only been here for a few weeks, she has been a smiling and friendly face around school and has participated enthusiastically in class and in activities like Coffee Club. She has made good progress in her Elementary class and her confidence has improved a lot, which has been great to see. Good luck for the future, Minato!


Teacher Becky and Minato

Michael is from Switzerland and he has been at Lexis for 10 weeks. Having completed the Intensive Intermediate course, he graduates today from the Upper-Intermediate class and his teacher Josie says he should be really happy with his progress. We have all been so impressed by Michael’s positive attitude to his surfing injury – Michael, we hope your poor shoulder is back to normal soon and wish you all the waves you deserve in the future! You can read more about Michael here.

Eric is from Switzerland too and he has spent 10 weeks at Lexis. He started in the Intensive Intermediate class and has progressed to Upper-Intermediate level – good work, Eric! Eric is a very friendly and enthusiastic student and it’s always nice chatting with him. Enjoy your upcoming travels, Eric!

Isabelle is from France and (like Michael and Eric) she has worked hard to progress from Intensive Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate during the last 10 weeks. Her accuracy and confidence when speaking have improved noticeably and her teacher Josie describes her as an excellent student. We wish you all the best for the future, Isabelle!

Michael Isabelle Eric.jpg

Teacher Josie with Michael, Isabelle and Eric


Yann Santini is another Swiss student and he is graduating after 10 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. His teacher Anji says Yann has a great attitude and a very friendly nature. Yann is also a very sporty guy and has especially enjoyed cycling in and around Byron Bay! Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia, Yann, and good luck for the future!



Simon (who was not here to have his photo taken today) is also from Switzerland and he has been studying with us for 5 weeks. Today he graduates from the Pre-Intermediate class. Simon’s sister lives in New Zealand so next, he plans to go there to visit her. Enjoy your travels, Simon!

Finally, Kazuki from Japan has been at Lexis for just 2 weeks doing the English and Surfing course. He has really enjoyed school and his afternoon surf lessons and he says his surfing has improved during his time here. Kazu is a very friendly guy and it’s been nice chatting with him. We wish you all the best for the future, Kazu!

Goodbye and good luck to you all! 🙂



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