Goodbye to Josie’s FCE class!

Josie’s FCE class are a lovely group who have become good friends, both in the classroom and outside of school. They have really enjoyed being taught by Josie – in fact, on Valentine’s Day they wrote Josie a fantastic Valentine’s card using perfect essay-style English… Josie was very impressed! They had some lovely leaving gifts for Josie today too.


Josie’s students presenting her with thank you gifts!

So goodbye and good luck to Erik, Desiree, Pablo, Lorena, Seraina, Marie and Tom (plus Lulu, who finished last week but was a valued member of the class as well!)

It’s been great having you all around over the last 10 weeks. We’ll miss you! We hope your exams went well today and wish you all the best for the rest of your time in Australia, and beyond!

IMG_2194 (3).jpg

Teacher Josie with Erik, Desiree, Pablo, Lorena, Seraina, Marie and Tom

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