Who’s Who at Lexis Byron Bay?

We have a lovely team of staff here at Lexis Byron Bay and it’s a small school, so you’ll probably meet most of us during your time here! Keep reading to find out more about everyone, including a few fun facts about us all!

Lisa is our Campus Manager and Director of Studies, so she has the challenging job of keeping the whole school organised and running smoothly.

Lisa decided to come to Australia because she met 2 Aussies on a Nile cruise in 1999!



Yvonne is our Homestay and Student Services Officer, so she matches students with our lovely homestay families and helps students with any other day-to-day questions.

Yvonne has a great sense of humour and is always making us laugh in the office!



Laura is our Activities and Student Services Officer, so she organises daily student activities, keeps our Lexis Byron Bay blog and Facebook page up-to-date, helps students with any questions or problems and makes sure every student is happy! Laura is sad to be leaving Lexis Byron Bay soon, but hopes to return later in the year!

Laura loves taking photographs with old film cameras – in fact, you can see her photographs here 🙂



Claudia currently teaches our Intermediate class in the mornings and our Mixed Skills class in the  afternoons.

Claudia used to live in Los Angeles and partied in some of Hollywood’s famous nightspots!



Paul has been teaching at Lexis since 2012 and he teaches our Cambridge CAE students.

In his twenties, Paul was an amateur boxer and kick-boxer!



Kathleen has taught many different classes but recently she has been teaching our Intensive Intermediate class. She is about to take a holiday to travel overseas, but we’re looking forward to welcoming her back afterwards.

Kathleen’s dream holiday destination is South East Asia, particularly Laos and Cambodia.



Julia also teaches our Cambridge CAE exam students.

Julia can do fire poi – she taught herself during many hours spent on the beach while travelling in Asia!



Josie’s FCE students like her so much, they wrote a lovely Valentine’s Day card for her using perfect essay-style English!

Josie was born in London, but grew up in both Ireland and Kenya as well as having lived in Scotland, France, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and here in Australia.



Anji currently teaches one of our Pre-Intermediate classes during the mornings and IELTS during the afternoons.

Anji started the first women’s boxing club in the UK in 1994!



Mel is currently teaching our Elementary and Pre-Intermediate classes during the mornings and our English and Cooking class in the afternoons.

Mel has lived in Peru, Spain and Colombia!


Mel has lived in Peru, Spain and Colombia!

Beckie is currently teaching our Pre-Intermediate class during the mornings and our  English and Cooking class in the afternoons.

Beckie can hula-hoop for over an hour!

beckie-2 (1).jpg


David is currently teaching our Upper-Intermediate class.

David’s dream holiday destination is coastal France or Tahiti.



Kristy is teaching our Elementary and Pre-Intermediate classes at the moment.

Kristy travelled around the US for 3 months by herself and stayed with people from couch surfing, who she’s still friends with!



Ellie is currently teaching one of our Cambridge FCE classes.

In April and May, Ellie is going to Tasmania to learn how to build wooden boats using Viking-style methods. Then she’ll be returning to Lexis for the winter 🙂



I hope you enjoyed getting to know who’s who at Lexis Byron Bay! If you would like to know more about us, chat to us when you see us around school 🙂

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