New Starters! February 29


Iva, Erika, Pablo, Fabienne and Marion

We have 5 new starters this week at Lexis Byron Bay – Iva, Erika, Pablo, Fabienne and Marion.

Iva is from the Czech Republic and she works as a pilates teacher. She likes sports such as bike riding, swimming and skiing. She also loves to walk her dog, read books and cook. She didn’t study English at school but she has been learning it at home for a few years.  She wants to study in Australia because she would like to learn about this country and it will be useful for her travels in the future.

Erika is from Japan and she likes to go shopping and go out in the evenings. She wants to improve her English because she wants to make friends from all over the world, so becoming more confident with English will make it easier to communicate with people she meets. She is excited to be here in Australia and she thinks she’ll enjoy life here.

Pablo is from the Basque Country and he loves to surf, which is one of the main reasons he chose to come to Australia. He has just finished school and now he wants to improve his English and travel. He plans to surf all around Australia and make some new friends. He’s looking forward to having fun in Byron Bay!

Fabienne is from Switzerland where she has two lovely cats (her mum is currently looking after them!) She enjoys taking photographs, reading and listening to music. She also likes surfing and wants to start doing yoga or pilates. At home she was working for the government but she recently quit her job to come travelling before she starts studying at university in September. After studying at Lexis she plans to travel up the east coast with a friend.

Marion is from France and she enjoys going to the cinema, relaxing on the beach and reading. She has worked as a beautician in Switzerland for 5 years but now she is ready for a change, so she is taking a break to spend time in Australia. She enjoys learning languages and she hopes improving her English will make travelling easier. She hopes to stay in Byron Bay for a while and maybe look for a job.

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