New Starters! February 15

We have 7 new starters this week at Lexis Byron Bay – Nuria, Iara, Marco, Joelle, Lisa, Simon and Nancy.


Nuria, Iara, Marco, Joelle, Lisa, Simon and Nancy

Nuria is from Spain and she will study at Lexis for 8 weeks. She loves to travel and she also enjoys flamengo dancing, as well as reading, playing saxophone, climbing trees, going out partying and spending time with her friends. She works as a vet back in Spain but right now she wants to travel and improve her English so that she can communicate easily with everyone she meets.

Iara is from Brazil and she plans to stay at Lexis for 6 weeks. Her hobbies include diving and walking and she particularly likes summer weather. In Brazil she works as a mammal conservationist with dugongs. She has been studying in Sydney since January but now she’s made the change to experience Byron Bay. She hopes to significantly improve her English skills by the time she leaves Australia.

Marco is from Switzerland and he will spend 8 weeks here at Lexis. In his free time he plays soccer and goes out with his friends. At home he works as a carpenter making chairs, tables and other wooden items. He has come to Byron Bay to improve his English and afterwards, he plans to travel in Australia for 3 months.

Joelle is also from Switzerland and she will be here for 3 weeks doing the English and Surfing course. In her spare time she enjoys playing floorball and organising camps for children in the forests of Switzerland. She works in a hospital as a nurse. She is keen to improve her English so she can speak to people wherever she goes. This is her first time in Australia and after studying she plans to travel for 3 months.

Lisa is from Switzerland too and she will be joining Joelle on the English and Surfing course. She has some family members also living in Australia, so she plans to visit them while she’s here. She loves going out with her friends and family and in winter she likes snowboarding. Right now she’s taking a gap year between school and university and during the time, she wants to improve her English skills, have a great time, learn a lot of things and make some great memories!

Simon from Switzerland will study at Lexis for 5 weeks. His sister lives in New Zealand so after studying, he will visit her for 2 weeks. He enjoys snowboarding and in summer he likes to go boating. He wants to improve his English skills to make conversations easier wherever he goes.

Nancy is from Italy and she will spend 4 weeks at Lexis.Travel is her favourite hobby but she also likes spending time with friends, going shopping, listening to music and dancing. In Italy she worked as a receptionist at a campsite on Lake Garda and she enjoys interacting with people from different countries and cultures. Now she has come to Australia to improve her English and experience Australian life.

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