Graduation! February 12

Love is in the air today at Lexis Byron Bay, as Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away! In graduation we heard a fantastic love poem to “beer”, written by beer’s mystery admirer (one of our students)…

We have 9 students graduating this week – Camila, Giovanna, Nicole, Anina, Silvia, Rocco, Sonya, Tokiwa and Viviana.

Camila from Brazil has been at Lexis Byron Bay for 8 weeks and has spent the whole time in the Upper-Intermediate class, so her English is very good! Her teacher Cathy described Camila as a conscientious and motivated student who will be missed in class. All the best for the future, Camila!


Cathy and Camila

Giovanna is also from Brazil and she arrived at the same time as Camila, 8 weeks ago. She graduates from Pre-Intermediate class and has really enjoyed her time in Byron Bay. Her teacher Becky says she has improved all areas of her English skills and she has been a pleasure to teach. Good luck for the future, Giovanna!


Becky and Giovanna

Nicole and Anina from Switzerland have been studying with us for 6 weeks. Their teacher Kristy said they have both improved so much in vocabulary and grammar, as well as speaking and listening. Next, they will both travel to new New Zealand which will be a great opportunity to keep practicing their English. Safe travels!


Teacher Kristy with Nicole and Anina

Rocco is from Italy and he has been in Byron Bay for 5 weeks. His teacher Kathleen describes him as a fantastic student who has achieved great results. In class he was enthusiastic, helpful, respectful and very funny! We will all miss you Rocco, best wishes for the future!


Rocco and his teacher Kathleen


Rocco and his lovely classmates

Silvia is also from Italy and has been here for only 2 weeks, but during that time she has participated well in speaking activities and worked well with other students. Her teacher Kristy says she was a pleasure to teach and wishes Silvia all the best for the future.


Silvia and her teacher Kristy

Tokiwa is from Japan and despite her short time at Lexis, she has worked hard to improve her English and made many friends. Her teacher Kristy says she has enjoyed having her in class and wishes her good luck for the future.


Tokiwa and her teacher Kristy

Sonya is from Korea and has been working hard in the Cambridge class for the last 6 weeks. She is now leaving us to move to another Lexis school, where she will continue preparing for her Cambridge exam. Her teacher Paul said she has been a hard working and motivated member of the class. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia, Sonya!

Viviana left earlier this week so she was not here today to have her photo taken. Viviana has spent 8 weeks at Lexis in the Intermediate class. Her teacher Claudia said she was a pleasure to have in class and she has worked hard to improve her English skills. We hope you enjoy your travels, Viviana!


Goodbye and good luck to you all! 🙂


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