Becky’s Pre-Intermediate class at the Farmers Market

This morning Becky’s Pre-Intermediate class also visited the Byron Bay Farmers Market. Find out what they got upto, in their own words…


Today we went to the market with the Lexis class and we bought a coffee and the best juice ever!!! The music was really relaxing and cool, the food was really tasty. All of the people were friendly and happy! We want to go again next week! 🙂 MARCO & RAUL

We bought an orange juice, it was very tasty. The people were very friendly and the music sounded very good, we enjoyed it. The atmosphere was very comfortable. They had a lot of healthy food and lots of organic food. They also sold many colourful flowers and vegetables. LILLY & NADINE

On Thursday morning, we went to the market. We were at the market for only 40 minutes. At the market we could see some musicians and some food stalls with great food. The atmosphere was so awesome, Marc bought a juice and he didn’t know what was inside.

image 4.jpeg


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