Graduation! February 5

We have 7 students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay this week – Renata, Fabian, Raphael, Abraham, Estella, Amanda and Ana.

Renata Christina Pinheiro Sales from Brazil has been here for 13 weeks and graduates at Advanced level. Alongside her studies she has also worked as a manager for the student accommodation during her time here. Her teacher Paul says she has an excellent command of English and has shown herself to be incredibly competent across all skill areas. We wish you all the best for the future, Renata!



Fabian Stolz from Switzerland has been studying with us for 4 weeks and his teacher Claudia describes him as a conscientious student who has worked hard to improve his English. Now Fabian will spend the next few months travelling in Australia and Asia before he returns home to Switzerland. Enjoy your travels, Fabian!



Raphael Dos Santos Tavares from Brazil has been at Lexis for almost a year and since starting in Elementary, he has transformed into a confident English speaker. He has been a very popular student amongst the staff and other students and he has made many friends during his time here. His teacher Kathleen says he has participated well in class with a great sense of humour and she described him as respectful, helpful and friendly. We will all miss you, Raphael, keep in touch!


Yvonne and Raphael

Abraham Munoz Arco from Spain has been at Lexis for 12 weeks and his teacher Melinda says she has seen a big improvement in all skill areas, especially his reading and writing. He is a very motivated student and he always participates well and shares his opinions in class. In addition, he is always a very smiley and friendly face around school and this is something we will miss about you, Abraham! Abraham will now stay in Byron for another month to work.


Teacher Kristy and Abraham

Estella Barreal Rodriguez is also from Spain and has also been studying for 12 weeks. She graduates today from the Intermediate class and her teach Claudia says she has worked hard to improve her English skills. Estella has had a busy time in Byron Bay because as well as studying and enjoying life here, she also has a job. We wish you lots of luck for the future, Estella!


Estella and teacher Claudia

Amanda Correa Campos is from Brazil and she has spent the last 8 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. She has really enjoyed her time with her host family and at school she has worked hard to progress to Intermediate level. Her teacher Claudia says she has been a pleasure to teach. Good luck for the future, Amanda!


Claudia and Amanda

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