Excellent Feedback from January Leavers

The students who graduated from Lexis English in January 2016 were very happy with their experience. Their feedback forms indicate that 100% of them would recommend Lexis to a friend.

The majority of students also said that the course improved their speaking, listening, writing and grammar skills “a great deal”. For “Overall Performance”55% rated Lexis Byron Bay as “Excellent” while the remaining 45% selected good. Our teachers received some excellent praise:

“My teacher is very good because she is attentive and helps us.”

“The exercises are good for progress. The teachers were really able to give us new information and help us in trouble.”

“I liked when we played games before studying the book.We learned a lot with different games, which was an exciting way to learn English. I like morning class.”


survey 1

survey 3

Our staff were also rated highly while the English Only Policy received a lot of positive comments. Here’s just a couple:

“Very good to guarantee a respectful environment and to practise English.”

It’s good because it’s obligatory to learn English so we progress. I really agree!!

Finally, there was some strong praise,too, for our homestay families.

“Really good homestay family and the location is close the the school so it’s good.”

“My family homestay is fabulous. I had a very good family in Byron. I love the family!”

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