New Starters! February 1

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Jungwan, Patrick, Abel, Jeanine, Tokiwa, Ronny, Seraina and Claudia

We welcome 8 new students to Lexis Byron Bay this week – Jungwan, Patrick, Abel Jeanine, Tokiwa, Ronny, Seraina and Claudia.

Jungwan is from Korea and his hobbies include playing computer games, watching movies and doing sports like swimming. In Korea he is a student studying Computer Science and he dreams of doing a PhD in this subject. He is keen to improve his English skills and eventually become fluent.

Patrick is from Switzerland and he has worked for an insurance company, served in the military and studied economics. He chose Australia because here it’s summertime and he would like to learn to surf while improving his English. He hopes that studying English will make life easier when he travels along the east coast of Australia and around New Zealand.

Abel is from Brazil and he is a Marketing graduate who works in his family company in Brazil. He loves surfing and other sports like basketball and he enjoys hanging out at the beach, hot weather, good food and movies. He chose Australia to study English because it is not too different from Brazil. He hopes that studying English will improve his personal and professional life.

Jeannine is from Switzerland and she works as a dental assistant. In her free time she likes to read books, swim and support her favourite ice-hockey team. She is here at Lexis to refresh her English skills and learn some new things. She is excited to be here and in the future she wants to travel all over the world.

Tokiwa is from Japan and her hobbies include swimming, dancing and snowboarding. She arrived in Australia on Saturday and is staying with a host family here in Byron. She hopes to improve her English speaking and listening skills in particular and she is looking forward to meeting new people and learning about other cultures because in the future she wants to live somewhere other than Japan.

Ronny comes from Switzerland, although his family live in Germany. He likes mixed martial arts, fitness, biking, snowboarding and surfing. He is always enthusiastic about trying extreme sports! He works as a project manager in Switzerland and after working he will take exams in Engineering and Economics. He wants to improve his English skills for his job and for general communication while travelling.

Seraina is from Switzerland and in her free time she enjoys sports, especially gymnastics. In September this year she will start university where she will study Social Work, because she likes to help others. She chose to study English in Australia because she likes the atmosphere here and she’s looking forward to meeting people from different cultures.

Claudia is from Chile and her favourite sport is swimming, although she also hopes to learn to surf during her time in Australia. She likes waching TV series such as Breaking Bad. She is a Civil Engineer and she studied in Santiago. She likes Australia because of the beaches, natural beauty and people and after she has studied English here at Lexis she hopes to travel to Thailand or Indonesia.

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