New Starters! February 29


Iva, Erika, Pablo, Fabienne and Marion

We have 5 new starters this week at Lexis Byron Bay – Iva, Erika, Pablo, Fabienne and Marion.

Iva is from the Czech Republic and she works as a pilates teacher. She likes sports such as bike riding, swimming and skiing. She also loves to walk her dog, read books and cook. She didn’t study English at school but she has been learning it at home for a few years.  She wants to study in Australia because she would like to learn about this country and it will be useful for her travels in the future.

Erika is from Japan and she likes to go shopping and go out in the evenings. She wants to improve her English because she wants to make friends from all over the world, so becoming more confident with English will make it easier to communicate with people she meets. She is excited to be here in Australia and she thinks she’ll enjoy life here.

Pablo is from the Basque Country and he loves to surf, which is one of the main reasons he chose to come to Australia. He has just finished school and now he wants to improve his English and travel. He plans to surf all around Australia and make some new friends. He’s looking forward to having fun in Byron Bay!

Fabienne is from Switzerland where she has two lovely cats (her mum is currently looking after them!) She enjoys taking photographs, reading and listening to music. She also likes surfing and wants to start doing yoga or pilates. At home she was working for the government but she recently quit her job to come travelling before she starts studying at university in September. After studying at Lexis she plans to travel up the east coast with a friend.

Marion is from France and she enjoys going to the cinema, relaxing on the beach and reading. She has worked as a beautician in Switzerland for 5 years but now she is ready for a change, so she is taking a break to spend time in Australia. She enjoys learning languages and she hopes improving her English will make travelling easier. She hopes to stay in Byron Bay for a while and maybe look for a job.

Graduation! February 26

We have 13 students graduating this week – Isabella, Artjan, Patrick, Marisa, Rina, Vanessa, Eleonora, Ranieri, Sarah, Nicole, Adeline, Machiko and Jasmin (although Machiko and Jasmin were not at graduation to be photographed!)

We wish you all happy travels, safe journeys home and lots of luck for the future!


Teacher Claudia with Isabella and Artjan


Teacher Kathleen with Patrick, Marisa, Rina and Vanessa


Teacher Kathleen with Eleonora


Teacher Becky with Ranieri


Teacher Anji with Sarah, Nicole and Adeline


Beach Soccer!

This afternoon Ayuko, Yuka, Shinsuke, Marco and Jobs joined me at the beach for a game of soccer. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and at half time, some of the students jumped in the sea for a swim to cool off. It was a close match but in the end, Ayuko, Yuka and Shinsuke’s team won (the final score was 10-8). Their prize was beer… they were very kind and shared it with Marco and Jobs.


Marco, Jobs, Yuka, Ayuko and Shinsuke

Happy Student – Eleonora!

Eleonora is from Italy and she has been studying at Lexis Byron Bay for 12 weeks. During that time Eleonora has been a smiley, kind and hard-working student and her English has improved significantly. I chatted to Eleonora about her experiences in Byron Bay…

12788931_10156515756355612_25470289_o (2)


Hi Eleonora! Where are you from?

I’m from Italy, near Genoa

Why did you come to Australia?

Firstly I wanted to go to South Africa but I wanted a small city. So I started to look at Australia and I chose Byron Bay because it’s a small place.

I was going to spend half my time in Byron Bay and half in Noosa, but then I decided I needed more time to understand Byron and I was lucky because I found a good share house here and also a job.

What is your favourite thing about Byron Bay?

The sunset is very amazing! There are many features that I like. It’s a good size for a short period of time, you can organise everything without losing time. I also like the possibility to surf – I try but I’ll still a beginner! Another feature of Byron Bay is that you can find many people of all ages.

Where do you work? Do you find it hard to balance studying and working?

I work in an Italian restaurant in town. No it’s not hard because it’s only for a short time.

What were your weaknesses with English when you first arrived in Australia?

There were many years I didn’t practice English. I did English in high school but I didn’t do it well, it was not taught in a good way. I wanted to review things like grammar and tenses. Sometimes I didn’t understand things and I couldn’t speak fluently.

Is your English improving?

Now I can speak with everyone at school, although sometimes speaking to Australians is still difficult. I try to listen a lot. School was very important as a complete review of grammatical rules. I definitely chose the right way to start my experience in Australia.

How is your class?

I did the Intensive Intermediate class and it was very useful and important to help me progress quickly. The school is very good. The teachers, particularly Kathleen, are very patient. There is a relaxed atmosphere which is good because I’ve already been to university and now I’m here for a holiday, not for a strict experience.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying at Lexis Byron Bay?

I can recommend it as a way to start your experience in Australia.

What are your plans after you finish studying at Lexis?

I have many many ideas! First I decided to go to northern Queensland, then I changed my mind to Broome but it’s too expensive to fly there and come back again. Now, I think I would like to buy a car and go in the direction of Cairns. Maybe I’ll look for farm work so I can extend my visa for another year. I think I need two years here to really learn English well.

Thanks for chatting with me Eleonora, you should be proud of your English achievements! Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia 🙂

March Activities!

March activs

There are only a few days of February left, which means it’s time to announce our afternoon activities for March!

We’ll have yoga with Stefanie every Monday from 2.15-3.15 in Room 8.

On Tuesdays we’ll enjoy coffee, Tim Tams and conversation at Coffee Lounge (and the week before Easter you’ll have chance to try Hot Cross Buns, a traditional Easter food!)

Wednesdays will be varied – Marcella from BWT will be giving a travel talk, we’ll have a table tennis tournament, we’ll get artistic during our Aboriginal art and boomerang painting activity, we’ll cook some delicious treats during Easter Cooking and at the end of the month we’ll do some beer tasting.

Thursdays will alternate between a movie showing with ice cream or popcorn, and Job Club where you can work on your CV, look for jobs and ask any job-related questions.

Finally, on Fridays we’ll have beach volleyball, a BBQ to celebrate the end of the Cambridge course, a bike ride and swimming adventure at Tallow beach, and beach cricket.

We’ll also continue to have our Tuesday student nights at Cheeky Monkey’s with free food and drinks plus plenty of games, dancing and socialising.

Don’t forget you can book surf lessons with us at reception (available most days at 2pm with Gaz at Style Surf).

We have two public holidays in March for Easter, so school will be closed on Good Friday (25th March) and Easter Monday (28th March).

Thai Cooking! With Gabriel

This afternoon, Gabriel demonstrated how to make Thai Green Curry in the student kitchen (with a little help from myself and Iara!)

First, he prepared the vegetables and added spices, salt and pepper to the chicken. 12784303_10156512222725612_1011654556_n12784544_10156512222600612_546373127_n

Once they were cooked, he added green curry paste and then coconut milk. While the curry was simmering he cooked the rice.


The finished curry smelt and tasted delicious – thanks for the demonstration, Gabriel!