February Afternoon Activities!

We’ve raced through January and with February just around the corner, it’s time to get excited about our activity calendar for next month!


Yoga has been very popular at school recently, so Stefanie will be joining us every Monday for a relaxing yoga session.

Coffee Club will be every Tuesday – a great opportunity to meet students from other classes while enjoying coffee, Tim Tams and conversation.

On Wednesdays we will have a variety of activities. Start practicing for another Lexis Table Tennis Tournament as there will be a beer prize! More beer will be up for grabs the following Wednesday at our Poker Tournament. Flavio will join us for another skateboarding session and on the last Wednesday of the month we’ll have a Thai Cooking masterclass lead by one of our lovely students.

On Thursdays we will alternate between Job Club and a new-release movie (with free ice cream!)

Fridays will be mostly sporty, with beach volleyball, beach frisbee and beach soccer. We’ll also have a Valentine’s Day themed BBQ.

Remember, all of these activities are fun, free and a great way to try new things and meet other students.

As well as our daily activities, don’t forget you can also arrange surf lessons with Gaz (he goes most days at 2pm) – you can book these at Lexis reception.

It’s going to be a busy and exciting month! 🙂

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