New Starters! January 8

This week we have 15 new starters – Michael, Marco, Jasmine, Desiree, Jisu, Fabian, Arthur, Sofia, Yann, Rocco, Lisa, Eric, Isabelle and Dmitri.

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Michael, Marco, Jasmine, Desiree, Jisu, Fabian, Arthur, Sofia, Yann, Miku (our visiting agent from Japan), Rocco, Lisa, Eric and Isabelle.

Michael Imbaumgarten is from Switzerland and his hobbies include swimming in the lakes and surfing in summer. At home he works as a carpenter, building kitchens, wardrobes and doors. He is excited to take a break from his usual routine to spend some time here in Australia.

Marco David Zowa is from Switzerland and his hobbies including skiing and going to the gym, as well as going out with friends. He has finished his military service back home and now he’s here to improve his English and travel.

Jasmine Karli is from Switzerland and this is her first time travelling so far from home.  Her hobbies are travelling, swimming, reading books and visiting friends. Last summer she finished an apprenticeship in a hotel and now she wants to study English and enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

Desiree Scherrer is from Switzerland and she hopes to learn English faster in Australia than if she studied it in Switzerland. She is enjoying living with her host family and it has always been her dream to experience Australian life, so she is happy to be here.

Jisu Kil is from Seoul in Korea and she is a university student studying Leisure Sports. Her hobby is playing badminton and she enjoys watching sports games too. Her sister is also working in Australia. She hopes that improving her English will increase her job opportunities for the future.

Fabian Stolz is from Switzerland and he enjoys playing football, snowboarding and skiing. At university he studied Civil Engineering. He has come to Byron Bay to learn English, learn to surf and have a good time. After Byron Bay he plans to travel for 2 months in Australia and then 3 months in Asia.

Arthur Penin is 16 and he’s French but he lives in New Caledonia. He did the English and Surfing course at Lexis Noosa last year and he loved it so much that now he’s here in Byron Bay to do the same!

Sofia De Carvalho Ferreira Gomes is from Brazil and she loves sports, going to the gym, running and riding her bike. She also loves photography and cooking. She chose to come to Australia for the people, nature, sports and the chance to improve her English.

Yann Santini is from Switzerland where he works as a carpenter. His hobbies include triathalon, which he has done in Switzerland, France and Italy. He’s studying English to improve his communication and to make life easier when he’s travelling.

Rocco De Filippis is from Italy and he enjoys travelling and taking his 2 dogs for walks. He is a musician and he plays the drums. In Italy he works as a steelworker but in the future he’ll take a Technical Salesman course. He wants to improve his English communication skills and maybe in the future it will be helpful for his work.

Lisa Panigada is from Switzerland and she’s self employed. She has come to Australia to learn English as her own challenge, for travelling and communicating with others. She’ll stay in Australia for 3 months in total and in March her boyfriend will come to travel with her.

Eric Surber is also from Switzerland and he likes to play basketball, cook and go out with his friends. He has had several different jobs and now he is here in Australia to improve his English and travel.

Isabelle Ganzer comes from France and she likes nature, walking and swimming. She also enjoys reading, going to the theatre and meeting friends. In France she works as a driving instructor, which she enjoys because she likes working with young people. She has escaped the French winter to come here to Australia to improve her English, travel and experience a new place.

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