Graduation! January 8

This week 4 students are graduating from Lexis Byron Bay – Annabelle, Olalla, Ramon and Maud (who left yesterday, so was not at graduation for a photo!)

Annabelle has been here for 8 weeks and graduates with a grade A from the Pre-Intermediate class. Her teacher Beckie said Annabelle always has a smile and is an excellent student.

12483715_10156355969810612_1001803715_n (2)

Beckie and Annabelle

Olalla has been with us for 12 weeks and as well as being a valuable student, she has worked hard as our student cleaner around the school. Her teacher Kathleen described her as lovely and popular. Olalla recently achieved 99% in the Upper-Intermediate test – great work, Olalla!

12506630_10156355975310612_1380738187_n (2)

Ramon has been studying with us for 5 weeks and has been a lovely smiley face around school – always friendly, polite and positive. His teacher Kathleen described him as a “teachers’ favourite” and a brilliant student.

12476497_10156355969080612_295477847_n (2)

Finally, Maud has completed 5 weeks here at Lexis but she left a day early to catch her flight (so I didn’t take her photo!) Her teacher said her participation in class has been excellent and she has asked very thoughtful and helpful questions.

Goodbye everyone, we wish you lots of luck for your futures! 🙂




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