Meet Paul’s CAE class! In their own words…

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Jennifer is from the French part of Switzerland and arrived three weeks ago in Australia. She has been in Sydney for three weeks. She has got a small family, just one brother but sometimes she likes sport and making electric music. She likes comedy and drama movies. She will go to her first bar in Byron tonight.

Fiona is from Switzerland too and arrived on Saturday and is going to stay in Australia for three months. She has never been to Australia before. She has just one brother, who is 21, and she gets well with their family. She loves every kind of sports. She likes comedy movies.

Fabian is from Switzerland and has one brother. He arrived 5 days ago in Brisbane and travelled to Surfers by bus. He is going to stay 6 months in Australia. The difference between Australia and Switzerland is the weather and the sea. He thinks that people are more friendly here than in his home country. He likes playing the guitar and complex movies and, here in Australia, he is a surfer.

Sonya lives in Japan but comes from Korea. She’s been in Australia for five days and will stay here for 10 weeks. She has already spent two days in Brisbane. The differences between here and her country are the weather (more tropical in Australia) and the people, who are more relaxed here. She has a big family on her mother’s side. In fact her mom has seven siblings and she gets along really well with all of them because they live close to each other. She has also one brother. During her free time she likes to watch TV drama. She also likes to watch comedy action movies. She’s already been to bars and restaurants in Byron and her favourite one is the Beach Hotel.

Sammy comes from Korea. She has been here in Byron Bay for three weeks. She stays at Lexis school until March. She has already travelled on the east coast like Noosa, Gold Coast, Sydney. She enjoys the good weather that is sunnier here than in her country, which is in winter. Sammy has a brother and a sister. She feels close to them even if they have been living separately during long time. Watching YouTube and American series take up her free time. She likes lots of different film styles especially comedy or science fiction. Sammy enjoys going out in Byron Bay at night. She goes to Cheeky Monkey, Buddha Bar and Railway Bar but the best one in her opinion is the Buddha Bar.

Thoai-Tam is from Switzerland. He has been in Australia for three days, going to stay for 10 weeks. He hasn’t travelled in Australia yet. Main differences between his country and Australia is the weather. And Australia has a more relaxed ambiance. He has a big family with more than 15 cousins, they gather twice a year. He likes reading manga, taking a nap, doing sports when he has free time. Also he enjoys action movies. He hasn’t been in any bars or restaurants in Byron Bay yet.

Celine is from Switzerland. She can play tennis very well. She has been playing for eight years. She likes comedy films and, in Byron Bay, she loves Buddha Bar.

Lisa is also from Switzerland. She has a younger brother, mum and dad. She likes films that touch her with meaning and she loves surfing. She thinks Australia is different from Switzerland because the weather is different and people are more relaxed here.

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