Josie’s FCE Class!

Meet Josie’s FCE class, in their own words…



Marie, Seraina, Carmen, Lulu, Erik, Pablo and Thomas


Lulu is from France she has already been in Byron Bay for 3 months and she has made a lot of her friends, she was always ready for a nice party in the student house. But then she went for 5 weeks to Perth and we missed her a lot now she has come back and we can enjoy this time with her in Byron.

Her name is Marie and she is 19 years old. She comes from Germany. She’s staying in Byron Bay for 10 weeks and would like to learn surfing.

Erik is from Switzerland. He arrived in Byron Bay 3 months ago. He is very sporty and loves to run in the rain and he always hangs his clothes on the washing line when it starts to rain. He is not so lucky actually but instead of that he is a really funny guy and everybody appreciates his company.

Thomas is from Switzerland, he’s 28 and he is a Mechanic Product Manager. He will be in Byron for 10 weeks, studying FIRST. He likes surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

Pablo is 34 years old he is from Leon in Spain and lives now in Mallorca. He is a skipper on a sail boat. Tourists can book a sail trip from one day ip to one week on his boat. He will stay for 12 weeks in Byron. He likes surfing, the beach, mountain biking, swimming and trekking.

This is twenty year old Seraina from Switzerland. She is going to improve her English here in Byron Bay in about 10 weeks. Her boyfriend is going to pick her up and travel with her after language school. But I’m sure that she will have already done everything special here in Byron when he arrives.

Carmen is 19 years old and she lives in Switzerland. She arrived here on the 2 of January and she really loves Byron Bay. Carmen is learning English here at the Lexis School. This weekend she will go skydiving and she also wants to go surfing.




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