Meet Julia’s CAE class! In their own words…

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Julia’s CAE Class – Andrea, Noelle, Fredy, Cedric, Cristian, Nikos, Lucas, Aline, Estelle, Tamara, Natascha, Naomi and Unai

Aline is from Switzerland like most of us here. In her hometown her bigger sister keeps her fingers crossed that she will return well in 4 months and enjoy her time in Australia and New Zealand. Aline likes to do sport activities in her free time and go to the beach and take a swim in the sea. In a regular day she returns to her host’s house in Sunrise.

Estelle is from Switzerland, she is 19 (almost 20) years old and has one older sister and two younger brothers. She finished school and is now in Australia since October (2015). Estelle likes to read books, going out with friends, spending time on the beach.

If Cristian had 8 fingers, he’d invent a guitar for people with 2 fingers less. Well now not saying any name but what Christian regrets most was going out with this one girl, that was really awkward. So obviously Cristian seems to be into music and if he had to do a tattoo right now it would most probably be a guitar.

Her name is Natascha but her friends just call her Nat or Natti. The most embarassing thing she did in her life is that she was walking around topless in South America while she was very drunk. She’s not looking for a boyfriend here in Australia she will just enjoy her stay here. And she is totally being drunk at “Cheeky Monkey’s” tonight but she won’t drink any alcohol of course.

Tamara is Spanish but lives in Switzerland and she is 25. She likes listening to music and going out with friends and she came to Australia to improve her English and have fun while travelling.

Lucas is from Belgium and study there, likes playing tennis in Belgium and surfing here in Byron Bay. He has one younger sister. He is 18 years old and when he goes back to Belgium he will begin to study business.

Naomi is a 21 year old girl from, as you guess, Switzerland. She works as a secretary in an office. She has just been here for a couple of days but she already enjoys Byron Bay. She likes riding a bike so I’m sure she will enjoy her way back home to Suffolk Park!

Cedric is 20 years old and comes from Switzerland, more precisely from Zurich. In his leisure time he likes to play soccer or other sports outdoors. Cedric has got a little sister and an older brother. He will stay at school for 2.5 months and then travel for 3.5 months. After that he’ll go to university to study informatics.

Noelle is from Switzerland in the Basel-Landschaft region. She visits the CAE here in Byron to improve her English skills and to know new people and make new friends. I asker her if she’s religious and she told me that she went as a child to the church but no more today, after the confirmation. She plays the piano and volley, but also likes soccer and other sports in general.

Ardit is from Switzerland and he is going to be a chemistry student. He loves to listen to music, especially jazz and classical music. He likes to go out with his friends and he practices iaido. He has one sister who is working as a primary teacher.

If Nikos would have 8 fingers, that would change dramatically his life because he wants to become a dentist or carpenter. One day in the other set he would go out and let her spend some drinks.

Fredy comes from Switzerland, he is from the Swiss German part. His birthday is the 27th of May. He has two jobs, he’s working in product management in a medical technology business company. He enjoys Byron Bay, but he was disappointed about the fact that half of the school is from Switzerland. He likes the Railway pub because there is plenty of good beer there.

Today I met Andrea who was asking me what I would do with 8 fingers. If I just had known that she isn’t doing Ramadan and that she’s a serious person. It was really interesting that the story behind her family name was the source. Of course it’s not the source to the universe but it’s the translation of it.

Unai is Spanish and 19 years old. He’s studying and working here in Byron Bay. His hobbies are surfing, playing the guitar, drinking beer and listening to music. He has a 15 year old sister.

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