Graduation! December 24

Today Karin, Mathilde, Jisoo, Pascal, Takuma, Jan, Sidney, Shuetsu, Toni, Maria, Kana, Rachel, Sarah, Celine, Miho and Erik are graduating (although the last 5 are coming back in January to do the Cambridge course so it’s not “goodbye” just “see you soon”).

A particular mention goes to Mathilde for her 100% attendance during her 12 weeks with us!

It’s been great getting to know you all during your time here. To those who are leaving, good luck for the future! We look forward to welcoming the rest of you back for Cambridge in January 🙂

12405097_10156303132605612_1578866227_o (2).jpg

Teacher Kristy with Rachel

12413894_10156303127825612_857708468_o (2)

Teacher Kathleen with Karin

12404718_10156303126480612_1357636220_o (2)

Kathleen with Mathilde

12434890_10156303134535612_1698487534_o (2)

Jisoo and teacher Kristy

12432839_10156303128965612_1589059760_o (2)

Pascal and teacher Mel

12432716_10156303131855612_1962755645_o (2)

Mel and Takuma

12415640_10156303133995612_724282663_o (2)

Jan and teacher Kristy

12435183_10156303126590612_928565095_o (2)

Kathleen and Sidney

grad pics

Teacher Josie and Shuetsu

12415682_10156300557515612_1026108668_o (2)

Josie and Toni

12422084_10156303126305612_1336679534_o (2)

Josie and Marie

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