Christmas Party & Lexis Olympics!

This afternoon we had our Christmas Party and the Lexis Olympics!

The students have been creating games in class this week and yesterday, all the classes explained their games to one another. This afternoon we split into teams and played all four games. We had 6 teams (including a team made up of teachers Josie, Kristy, Kathleen and Claudia’s son Luca).

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The games were fast, funny and involved a lot of running around, throwing balls and getting wet! In the end, the winning team was made up of Hiro, Pascal, Jan and Yuta/Takuma – very impressive considering there were 2 injuries in the team! In second place was Akira’s team with Cristina, Bruna and Sidney.

Well done everyone, I hope you had fun! Merry Christmas to you all and see you in January 🙂

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