English and Cooking! By Renata

On Tuesday, the students looked through some magazines to find recipes that looked interesting and challenging to cook. In the end we chose the spaghetti frittata with tomato pesto, oregano and mozzarella and for dessert, the chocolate roulade.

On Wednesday, we went to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients.

On Thursday, we went to the kitchen and started preparing those delicious dishes. The class was divided into 2 groups. The boys were responsible for the frittata and they proceeded to cook the spaghetti, chop tomatoes and prepare the egg mix.


In the mean time, the girls spent a great deal of time attempting to whisk the cake mix. Unfortunately we didn’t have an electric mixer as the recipe called for, so we all shared the hard task of mixing by hand.

There was a lot of action happening at the same time. The water was boiling for the spaghetti, some people were preparing the cake and also others were melting the chocolate, heating the cream and getting everything organised for the meal.

We took the cake out of the oven and at that moment we realised the cake was too thin compared to the picture. We were feeling positive and decided to continue the recipe as instructed and spread the cake with the ganache. After we put some mixed berries and rolled the cake. To decorate the roulade we out melted chocolate in it and then grated chocolate. To finalise, we put the roulade in the fridge while we were eating the frittata.

While the cake cooking was going on there was a lot of action in the frying pan! They combined the egg, spaghetti and tomato pesto and started cooking the frittatas. We made four in total and they were delicious.


The students thought the English and Cooking class is really useful for learning different words and improving English in different ways.

Thanks Renata for your excellent piece of writing! 🙂

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