Christmas Pantomime! By the IELTS class

Last week, Anji’s IELTS class put a lot of effort and preparation into their Christmas pantomime, Cinderella! They performed it for us at graduation on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Here are some photos…

12363926_10156292469220612_1980735513_o (2)

Rayan and Lucas as the step-sisters

12399765_10156292466785612_397464264_o (2)

… Jon as Cinderella

10584864_10156292468185612_58039051_o (2)

Shota (the mouse) with Cinderella

12413806_10156292467870612_1195811785_o (2)

Mathilde (the fairy godmother) with the mouse and Cinderella

12400033_10156292469385612_662900952_o (2)

Deborah (the prince), Mathias (Jay Z), Estelle (Beyonce) and Martina (the guy from Cheeky Monkeys)

12404760_10156292469625612_1247968182_o (2)

Mathias, Deborah and Martina

12415624_10156292466970612_678615745_o (2)

Renata (as Madonna) and Deborah

12413887_10156292466870612_1423960344_o (2)12415517_10156292466660612_992627280_o (2)12404882_10156292466510612_1742392803_o (2)

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