Graduation! December 18

We had a fantastic, fun and busy graduation today… we said goodbye to 21 students and we were treated to a hilarious pantomime performance of Cinderella by Anji’s IELTS class (more about that in another blog…)

Julia, Unai, Estelle, Dean and Lucas are coming back in January to do a Cambridge course… enjoy your Christmas holidays, guys!

939313_10156282392020612_1633375776_o (2)

Teacher Claudia and Julia

12398630_10156282394090612_1781983554_o (2)

Unai and teacher Kathleen

lucas and anji

Teacher Anji and Lucas (pink suits you, Lucas!)

So the real “goodbyes” are for Jon, Shota, Luca, Cedric, Rayan, Deborah, Mara, Martina, Adrian, Ramon, Chrissie, Rocio, Kanta, Yuna, Patricia and Julia (the last 3 were not here today to have their photo taken.) You have all been lovely students and we will miss having you around school, enjoy the rest of your time in Australia and good luck for the future!

12171948_10156282391605612_2015562309_o (2)

Jon and teacher Anji

12381185_10156282386405612_2085909943_o (2)

Anji and Shota

12394251_10156282392140612_1714440362_o (2)

Luca and teacher Claudia

12394412_10156282392190612_1996395932_o (2)

Teacher Josie and Cedric

12394480_10156282391865612_176716626_o (2)

Rayan, Anji and Lucas

12398862_10156282386165612_1876016787_o (2)

Estelle and Anji

12399801_10156282384370612_122305073_o (2)

Deborah and Anji

12400117_10156282392405612_416250163_o (2)

Kathleen and Mara

12400334_10156282386525612_2051973223_o (2)

Martina and Anji

938523_10156282394165612_18851011_o (2)

Adrian, teacher Kristy and Ramon

12394814_10156282393985612_418929598_o (2)

Kathleen and Chrissie

12398551_10156282393730612_52141538_o (2)

Rocio, Kanta, Kathleen and Yuna



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