New Starters! December 14

We have 9 new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week! Giovana, Pablo, Camila, Rahel, Cristina, Celine, Viviana, Sarah and Gabriela

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Gabriela, Celine, Sarah, Cris, Viviana, Rachel, Giovana, Pablo and Camila

Giovana Capp Couto Buccioli is from Brazil and will stay in Byron Bay for 8 weeks. She likes dogs, dancing and making friends. At university she studies Psychology and now she has come to Australia because it’s a beautiful place to study and enjoy the beach lifestyle.

Pablo Baez De Goya from Spain will spend 12 weeks with us at Lexis Byron Bay. Currently he works as the skipper of a 12 metre sailing boat in Ibiza during the summer seasons and before that he worked as a lifeguard in many different places. Now he has come to Australia to improve his English while enjoying the beaches, sun and nature.

Camila Capovilla is from Brazil and she will study at Lexis Byron Bay for 8 weeks. She enjoys travelling and photography and at home she studies Psychology. She has always wanted to come to Australia but she has arachnophobia (fear of spiders!) so she was a little cautious… but now she is here she is trying to stay calm! In the future she plans to travel a lot more.

Rahel Selina Zihlmann is from Switzerland and in her free time she enjoys reading and volunteers running children’s camps. She has recently been to New Zealand to study and travel and now she’s in Byron Bay to improve her English and learn about Australian culture.

Cristina Rodriguez Herrero is from Spain and she plans to study at Lexis for the next 12 weeks. She loves the beach, the sun and surfing so she thinks Byron Bay will be paradise for her… good weather and good waves!

Celine Horvarth from Switzerland has come to Australia because she likes to meet people from different cultures and countries. Currently she is taking a gap year while she decides what to do next. She will take the Cambridge course starting in January and she hopes to improve her English and become more confident about her English skills.

Viviana Victoria Rivas is from Chile and she will study with us for 8 weeks. She wants to try surfing during her time here. She works in a shop where people can buy clothes and have a good time while enjoying coffee and manicures! Learning English will help her when she travels to buy clothes to sell in the shop and she thinks Australia is a beautiful, safe and modern country to study in.

Sarah Vilallonga from France will be taking the Cambridge course in January. In France she has just finished high school and last year her sister studied in Byron Bay, so she recommended it as a great place to stay! She is looking forward to making friends and improving her English.

Gabriela Dos Santos Tavares is from Brazil and she will stay in Australia until March. She chose Byron Bay because her brother already studies here and she likes to learn about new cultures and meet new people. In Brazil she studies Business, so improving her English will be useful for her career in the future.

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