Graduation! December 11

Today we say goodbye to 8 students… Kevin, Yann, Melody, Gwladys, Rahel, Jasmin, Sofie and Pedro (although Pedro wasn’t here at graduation to be photographed).

Kevin Joerg from Switzerland has been at Lexis for 6 weeks and during that time he has worked hard and enjoyed the Byron Bay lifestyle, especially the surf! Kevin says he has had an amazing time here and he made a lovely speech (you can watch it again on our Lexis English Byron Bay Facebook page!)

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Teacher Josie and Kevin

Sofie Billstam from Sweden has been at Lexis Byron Bay for 15 weeks. She is a lovely and intelligent student and her teacher Anji described her as sunny, funny and fab. Sofie said she has had a lot of fun here! We’ll miss you but see in January Sofie!

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Teacher Anji and Sofie

Yann Wellhauser from Switzerland has spent the last 4 weeks with us in Byron Bay and before that he was at Lexis Noosa. He has been a hard working student and his teacher Claudia described him as a pleasure to have in class. Yann treated us to a musical performance during graduation today to say goodbye, thanks so much Yann!

12355714_10156260826815612_1175845887_o (2)

Yann’s musical performance

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Rahel Sterchi from Switzerland has progressed from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate during her time here at Lexis Byron Bay. Her teacher Claudia says she has been a conscientious and hard working student. Next Rahel plans to spend some time travelling in Australia – have fun, Rahel!

12355946_10156260826380612_1418713360_o (2)


Jasmin Christen from Switzerland also graduates from the Intermediate class and Claudia said she has worked very hard to improve her English during her time here. Jasmin said she has had fun in Byron Bay and now she will travel for a few weeks before returning home to her job in January.

12359804_10156260827280612_252824267_o (2)

Jasmin and her teacher Claudia

Gwladys Garcia from France has progressed from Elementary to Intermediate during her time here and her teacher Josie described her as a wonderful student. Gwladys has been a friendly smiley face around school and has participated in lots of activities – we’ll miss you, Gwladys!

12364367_10156260830445612_24115346_o (2)

Melody Larrieu is also from France and she has also progressed from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate. She has done well in her tests and her teacher Josie says she has been a pleasure to teach thanks to her happy and energetic nature.

12369740_10156260830245612_1336256937_o (2)

Melody and teacher Josie

Finally, Pedro Navarro Santoro from Spain has been at Lexis for the last 12 weeks and he graduates from the IELTS class at Advanced level. His teacher Anji describes him as a very intelligent student and says it has been absolutely lovely teaching him. He plans to take his IELTS exam soon and will stay a little while longer in Australia to work and travel before he returns to Spain.

Goodbye and good luck to you all! 🙂


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