English and Cooking!

In the English and Cooking class this week, Josie and Julia’s students planned two recipes, bought the necessary ingredients, cooked and enjoyed eating their food! Then they wrote about their experiences – read on to find out what they got up to…

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Firstly we choose which recipe we wanted to cook on Tuesday. Kevin proposed to do the chocolate fondue. So on Wednesday we went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients we needed for the fondue. We bought dark chocolate, cream and different fruit such as apple, banana, pineapple and strawberries. Then we talked about utensils and kitchen equipment that we were going to use to prepare the fondue. On Thursday, we all went in the kitchen between 1 and 2 o’clock to cook the fondue and the Spanish omelette. During the preparation we listened to some good music, it was so funny! First we sliced the fruit and put them in a plate. Then we melted the dark chocolate in a bain-marie and we added cream and mixed it with a whisk. We decorated our plates in an artistic way, like mandalas. Finally, we ate the chocolate fondue outside altogether and after the Spanish omelette. We used spikes to put the fruit in the chocolate. It was delicious! It was a really funny and sunny afternoon, we had a great time together! – PATRICIA AND ESTELLE

On Tuesday the class decided to make Spanish omelette and the recipe was from Unai. On Wednesday, we went to the supermarket to buy ingredients. We bought potatoes, onions, eggs, olive oil and salt. On Thursday we went to the kitchen to prepare the dish. Firstly, we chopped all the potatoes and sliced the onions. After that we broke the eggs, put them in a bowl and whisked them. The next step was to roast the onion in a frying pan with olive oil. The potatoes were cooked in two centimeters of oil in a frying pan. After this process we took the potatoes out of the pan in a bowl and added salt, fried onions and the eggs and mixed all of it in the bowl. Then we put the mixed ingredients back in a pan and cooked them until brown. We made four omelettes and served them on plates. The omelettes were very tasty. We hope they tasted just like grandma’s omelette. Everyone worked really well together. It was an amazing experience. – JASMIN AND RENATA


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