Student Night at Cheeky Monkey’s!

Last night was our weekly student night at Cheeky Monkey’s! It was great to see many of our new students and existing students there having fun and enjoying the free food and drinks.

12301763_767199026719544_659472551223239509_n (2)

Asa, Bruna, Cristina, Jisoo, Annabelle and Sarah

Unai was crowned King of Student Night last night for his dance moves (and popularity!) in the dance-off competition! He won $100 cash – well done Unai! Melody, Yuna and Eleonore also got up on stage and impressed us with their dance moves, and Marc won a travel prize for scoring 10 baskets in a row in the basketball challenge!

12348641_10156253605570612_870425243_n (2)s

Unai and Luca enjoying a game of pool

12366571_10156254741560612_965434427_n (2)

Melody and Yuna waiting for the result of the girls dance competition

12348641_10156253605570612_870425243_n (2)

Bruna, Jisoo, Asa, Yuna (plus Melody and Mathilde photo-bombing!)

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