New Starters! December 7

This week we welcome 10 lovely new starters to Lexis Byron Bay – Rodrigo, Isabell, Raffael, Amanda, Mathias, Marie, Martina, Bruna, Bruno and Toshiya.

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Isabell, Mathias, Marie, Amanda, Rodrigo, Toshiya, Bruno, Martina, Rumiko (who actually started last week!), Bruna and Raffael

Rodrigo Ayres Ferreira from Brazil will study at Lexis for 16 weeks. He loves to play football, do Ju-Jitsu and walk on the beach. He thinks improving his English will increase his job opportunities in the future and he heard that Byron Bay is an amazing place to live and study.

Isabell Blechschmidt from Germany plans to study here for 12 weeks. Dancing is one of her hobbies and she also enjoys spending time with her dog. She hopes to improve her English during her time here to help her with jobs in the future.

Raffael Colombo is from Switzerland and he will spend just 2 weeks at Lexis. He enjoys travelling the world, as well as hockey, soccer and snowboarding. He wants to learn English to improve his conversation skills and make new friends. After studying at Lexis he plans to travel in Australia.

Amanda Campos from Brazil hopes to be at Lexis for 8 weeks. Her hobbies include partying, sports and meeting new people. She has not yet finished high school but she is here on an exchange to learn about another culture and because Australia is a beautiful country.

Mathias Epstein Later from Brazil will study with us for 7 weeks. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and learning other languages. He’s currently studying French in Brazil and is a student of Electrical Engineering at a big college. He has come to Australia because he thinks it’s the best way to improve his English.

Marie Christine Hubert is from France and she will stay at Lexis for 3 weeks. Her son lives in Byron Bay, so she has come here to to improve her English so she can communicate better with her grand children.

Martina Leeb from Austria plans to stay with us for 2 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. In her free time she enjoys dancing (she’s looking forward to the salsa nights at Ginger Pig!) At home she works in HR but now she’ll stay in Australia for 6 weeks to improve her communication skills.

Bruna Longhi from Brazil hopes to be with us for 12 weeks. In Brazil she studies and works, but she wants to improve her English because she feels it’s important for her travel plans.

Bruno Luethi is from Switzerland and he will study with us for 12 weeks too. His hobbies include football, skating and snowboarding. At home he has worked as a metalworker for the last 6 years. A friend recommended Byron Bay to him because it’s so beautiful.

Toshiya Miyazaki from Tokyo, Japan will be at Lexis for 17 weeks in total. His hobbies include surfing and he hopes to improve his English significantly during his time here.

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