Graduation! December 4

It was another busy graduation today!

Tiago Bossart from Brazil has been at Lexis for 4 weeks and his teacher Anji describes him as an intelligent student who puts in a lot of effort. It has been lovely having you around school, Tiago, and thanks for sharing some Brazilian recipes with us this week! (Tiago finished yesterday so he escaped my photographs today!)

Zdenek Cermak from the Czech Republic has been at Lexis for 7 weeks. His teacher Beckie said he has been great to have in class and always helps other new students. Zdenek will now take a holiday but will return to Lexis in January – see you then, Zdenek!


Teacher Beckie and Zdenek


Andrea Dvorakova is also from the Czech Republic and also started 7 weeks ago. Her teacher Claudia says she is a beautiful friendly person who is always in a good mood. She has worked hard and achieved a lot. Andrea will also be back with us in January to study on the Cambridge course.


Andrea and teacher Mel

Cheryl Hausheer from Switzerland has been at Lexis for 8 weeks and her teacher Kathleen said she has been a joy to have in class. Cheryl has achieved an A grade and has participated well with intelligence and a great sense of humour.


Teacher Julia and Cheryl

Jin Seong Jang from Korea has been studying with us for 12 weeks. His teacher Claudia said he is a quiet achiever who has improved his grammar and communciation. I (Laura) have also enjoyed having you in our Discussion Workshops and other activities Jin!


Jin and Mel

Ju Hoi Lee is also from Korea and she has been at Lexis for 9 weeks. Claudia described her as a conscientious worker who comes to school every day and is always on time. She asks great, inquisitive questions and has participated well in activities, especially our Discussion Workshops.


Ju and Mel

Jonas Marti from Switzerland has completed 6 weeks here at Lexis Byron Bay. Now he has exciting travel plans! He will visit New Zealand, then work on a sheep farm near Perth before returning to the east coast. Have a fantastic time, Jonas, we’ll miss your smile and positive attitude!


Jonas and Mel

Michaela Muller, also from Switzerland, has progressed significantly during her 8 weeks at Lexis and her confidence has grown a lot! She has worked very hard and her teacher Kathleen said she should be very proud of herself.


Josie and Michaela

Cesare Orefice from Italy has been studying with us for 12 weeks and has progressed to Upper-Intermediate during this time. His teacher described him as a great student and Cesare said he has had a “great time” here.


Julia and Cesare

Eriko Sakaguchi is from Japan and she has been at Lexis for 8 weeks. She graduates with a A grade from the Pre-Intermediate class. Kathleen said Eriko has participated enthusiastically and with a great sense of humour.


Josie and Eriko

Alessandra Stevanin from Switzerland has completed 4 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay in the IELTS Preparation class. Her teacher Anji said she has been a lovely student. Now Alessandra plans to travel before returning home – have fun, Alex!


Anji and Alessandra

Eva Schuetz is also from Switzerland and has been with us for 12 weeks. Her last day was yesterday so she could not be with us for graduation today, but she has achieved an A grade during her time here and has worked hard. We wish you all the best for your future, Eva!

IMG_20151203_125819 (3).jpg



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