Intensive Intermediate – Four weeks to Upper Intermediate!

Want to progress quickly through Intermediate? Then the Intensive Intermediate course could be perfect for you!

In Intensive Intermediate, you will study 4 hours of General English each day, so you will complete 2 units per week instead of 1.


Classes start at 12.20pm each day, so you will have your mornings free to relax. There is also an optional hour of GIL at the end of the day.

Benefits of Intensive Intermediate include:

  • Small class – easier to ask questions and to work on
    your particular weaknesses
  • Two progress tests and two writing tasks each week
  • 5 hours per day with class teacher
  • Enjoy the beach in the morning when it’s quieter and cooler
  • No need to worry about getting up early after a big night!
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Erik, Olalla, Rocio, Yuna, Kanta and their teacher Kristy

Kristy is one of the Intensive Intermediate teachers and she said:

“It’s an excellent short course for those who like to study and already have a good level of English at Intermediate level. You get to work quickly and pack in the learning, as well as get your questions answered by the teacher in a small class.”


Kanta Ohsuga from Japan has progressed considerably during his time in the Intensive Intermediate class, scoring 96% in his most recent test! He said:

“It’s an interesting class and the learning speed is very fast, it suits me. There are fewer people so it’s easier to have conversations.”

Yuna Rousseau is from France and she thinks the Intensive Intermediate class is a fantastic idea.

“I really love this class because we learn so much more. We are in a small class so it’s easier to ask a lot of questions, I really prefer this. Claudia is a very good teacher and I think my English and especially my vocabulary are improving. I can go out at night and sleep in the morning! Also it’s good to enjoy the beach in the morning because it’s not so hot and there are not a lot of people”.

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Yuna and Miho

The next Intensive Intermediate course will start on January 4. If you think it sounds right for you or if you have any more questions, speak to Lisa 🙂

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