What happens next for our Cambridge students?

Today we say goodbye to our 3 Cambridge classes, so I’ve been finding out our students’ plans for after their exams…

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Danilo Ciardo from Switzerland says his time at Lexis has been really good! He has enjoyed everything and told me that he found everyone here so friendly. He has worked hard and says everything has been great! He will return home on Sunday and will take his Cambridge exam there in a couple of weeks.


Yanosch Voegeli will spend a little more time in Byron Bay while figuring out his next plans… he hopes to travel a little in Australia, New Zealand or Southeast Asia and is considering starting a business when he gets back to Switzerland.

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Jana, Simon, Luana, Neil and Till from Switzerland have all enjoyed their time in Byron Bay. After their exams on Saturday and Tuesday, they have some exciting travel plans… Neil and Till are heading down the coast by car, while Jana, Simon, and Luana have an exciting trip planned to see Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa and the Great Ocean Road.

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Carmen and Remo from Switzerland have some great travel plans – they will be renting a van for an exciting road trip – happy travels, guys!

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Miguel Sabino de Freitas is from Brazil and he has been studying at Lexis Byron Bay for almost a year. Now, he plans to travel in Thailand and Europe before returning to Brazil. We will miss you, Miguel!

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  1. Hi I’m an English yrs 11,12 and Uni teacher/tutor. It seems your program really works! I will drop in some time when traveling up your way. Happy then to tell my overseas students about you. Well done to all the students!!!!!

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