Graduation! General English – November 27

Last but not least for today, we say goodbye to our graduates from General English.

From Claudia’s Intermediate class, we say goodbye to Laura, Lucille, Amandine, Raphaela, Marine and Simon. Claudia said they have all been lovely students and wished them all the best for the future.

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Laura, Lucille, Amandine, Raphaela, teacher Claudia, Marine and Simon

Anji’s IELTS class says goodbye to Lulu, Isabel and Tereza today. Anji said they have been fantastic student. We wish you all fun and good luck for your next adventures!

12295784_10156219657720612_53395425_o (2)

Anji and Lulu

12311356_10156219656640612_951099423_o (2)

Anji and Isabel


12312166_10156219625295612_724533037_n (2)

Anji and Tereza

Yumiko is graduating today too and her teacher Becky said she has been a pleasure to have in class. Good luck for the future, Yumiko!

12315277_10156219645370612_854191891_o (2)

Yumiko and her teacher Becky

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