New Starters! November 23


Patricia, Rocio, Sarah, Tim, Adrian and Igor

We have 6 new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week – Patricia, Rocio, Sarah, Tim, Adrian and Igor.

Patricia Jabbour is from Brazil and she loves surfing! She is always travelling to surf so she hopes that in Australia she can combine her passion for the waves with improving her English.

Rocio Perez Ruiz is from Spain and she loves summer and spending time at the beach, which is why she chose Byron Bay! Improving her English will help her in her job in hotels, as it will be easier to speak with guests and with the travel agencies.

Sarah Matter is from Switzerland and her hobbies include horse riding and other sports like gymnastics. She works as a painter. This is her first time in Australia and she hopes to improve her English here at Lexis for 3 months before travelling for 1 month.

Tim Gyger from Switzerland chose to come to Australia because he wants to see the world, and in Switzerland people don’t smile enough! His hobby is boxing. Learning English will make it easier for him to travel, as this is one of his passions.

Adrian Pini is also from Switzerland and he enjoys snowboarding in winter and swimming in rivers and seas in the summer. He also likes skateboarding. At home he works as a roofer but in Australia he plans to study English, travel and experience the fantastic wildlife.

Igor Bosch Raventos is from Spain where he works as a mountain instructor. He also enjoys diving. He came here to Australia because it is a great opportunity to improve his English and to travel.

Welcome to Lexis Byron Bay! We hope you have a wonderful time here 🙂


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