Graduation! November 20

This week, 7 students are graduating from Lexis Byron Bay – Billy, Benji, Saki, Ayano, Simona, Adrien and Mariko.

Ayano Kobayashi from Japan has studied at Lexis for just 2 weeks and was not here today to attend graduation, but her teacher Beckie said she has a great personality and participated well in class.

Benjamin Duthaler from Switzerland has been here for 8 weeks. His teacher Kathleen said he has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humour. Benji thanked everyone for a great time in Byron Bay!


Benji and his teacher Kathleen

Saki Hayashi from Japan has been with us for 4 weeks. Her teacher Kathleen described her as sweet and sensible and wished her all the best for the future.


Kathleen and Saki

Mariko Saishu is also from Japan and she has been a smiley happy Lexis student for the last 12 weeks! Kathleen said that Mariko is a delight, she is always laughing and she has worked very hard to improve her English. She has also participated in many afternoon activities. Mariko said thank you to everyone and that learning here at Lexis has been lovely.


Kathleen and Mariko

Billy Babino has been at Lexis for 8 weeks and during that time he has impressed everyone by progressing from Elementary to Intermediate – great work Billy! His teacher Kathleen said Billy has been a lovely student and she gave him “100% for good intentions”. Billy told us he has had a great time, some great parties and that he has really enjoyed his time here.


Billy and Kathleen

Simona Kueng from Switzerland has been at Lexis for 12 weeks. Her teacher Jodie said she has been a real pleasure to teach and we’ll miss you very much! Simona thanked everyone for an awesome time.


Simona with her teacher Jodie

Adrien Quintero from France has been studying here for 3 weeks and his teacher Anji described him as a very capable and confident student. Adrien thanked Anji for being so encouraging and open.



Goodbye everyone and good luck for the future! 🙂



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