Fun at the Farmers Market! By the IELTS class

This morning the IELTS class went to the Farmers Market. Some of us bought vegetables and fruit but not only that: we were also really interested in drinking fresh juices and eating muffins! We enjoyed different types of live music in combination with the beautiful blue sky. Most impressive was the guy playing piano. It was his own original music which went deep inside people’s minds.

DSC_0254 (3).jpg

Today, we went to the Farmers Market! The weather was great and we met a lot of people from other generations. Besides buying vegetables and fruits, we listened to some good local music. The Farmers Market is an ideal place to socialise and to have the possibility to talk to the locals. Before we had to leave the market to go back to school, we enjoyed delicious local coffee from Nashua Valley Organic Coffee.

2015-11-19 11 02 11 (3).jpg

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