Julia’s CAE class share their talents!

This morning Julia’s CAE class had fun teaching each other new skills, to practise their presentation and explanation techniques. Here’s what they got up to…

I taught my mates how to whistle by using both hands. It is an uncommon way of whistling that allows you to make different sounds – MIGUEL

Today, I taught Naomi, Till and Paola how to cook a fast, cheap and delicious recipe: tomatoes stuffed with tuna – QUENTIN

I taught Michelle and Miguel how to play a funny card game called Nuts. Then they played one round and Michelle won – AURELIE


Aurelie teaching a card game

Today, I taught Quentin, Till and Naomi how to do different juggles with three and two balls, and they did all of them very fast – PAOLA


Paola teaching juggling

Within 5 minutes I taught them how to fold an origami swan – JASMIN


Jasmin teaching how to fold an origami swan

Today I taught Paola, Quentin and Till how to juggle a football. As most of them have done it before they didn’t need many instructions. After a few minutes they were all able to juggle – NAOMI


Naomi teaching football skills

Today I taught my classmates about the Australian Thermometer Chicken, a very interesting species. They were delighted – TILL


Till talking about the Australian Thermometer Chicken(!?)

In the last hour before Tuesday lunchtime, I showed my fellow classmates how to beatbox. We started to practise some pop and click sounds and continued with base sound. The last and most difficult part was to combine both things together. Rapha did great while Chris and Jasmin were struggling a bit with that – NEIL

I taught them how to juggle – RAPHAEL

I taught my friends a card trick with 25 cards – CHRIS

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