New Starters! November 9

This week we have 10 new starters – Julia, Thiago, Unai, Alessandra, Rahel, Jasmine, Estela, Abraham, Ayano and Annabelle.

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Jasmin Christen is from Switzerland and her hobbies include running and climbing as well as skiing in winter. She also likes to take photos. Australia is a dream for her and after studying, she will travel for 3 weeks and afterwards she will start a new job.

Estela Barreal Rodriguez from Spain is here with her boyfriend Abraham. She loves diving and snowboarding. Improving her English will be very useful for her work in tourism and hospitality. She hopes to find a job during her time here.

Abraham Munoz Arco is also from Spain (with his girlfriend Estela) and he enjoys diving, cinema and cooking. His goal for the future is to improve his English as this will be very useful for his job.

Rahel Sterchi is from Switzerland and her hobbies are dancing and drawing. She studied English for 5 years at school but now she wants to improve, so she chose to study in Australia because the weather is hot. In the future, she would like to study photography.

Julia Macedo de Almeida is from Brazil and she loves to travel. She works with her dad in an ice cream shop. She has come to Australia to improve her English and learn more about the way of life here.

Annabelle Heurtematte from France is learning to play the guitar and she also enjoys swimming and skiing. Before she came here she worked for a famous children’s wear company. She has come to Australia to improve her English as this will be very helpful for her job. After studying at Lexis, she would like to travel, work and discover Australia.

Unai Madariaga Zabala is from the Basque Country in Spain. He enjoys playing football, surfing, animals and nature. Before, he was studying Advertising and Public Relations but he didn’t enjoy it, so now he has come to Byron Bay to improve his English and to surf. He is hoping not to meet any sharks!

Alessandra Stevanin is from Switzerland but she is half Brazilian. She loves travelling and can’t wait to see wild animals and great landscapes. She studied Law back home but now she is taking a break to learn a new language and see a new country.

Thiago Bossart from Brazil is here to do the English In Action Surfing course. His passion is soccer but he also likes tennis and surfing. He has always wanted to come to Australia and his dream is to surf here and improve his English at the same time.

Ayano Kobayashi is from Japan and her hobbies are surfing and reading books. She decided to study English at Lexis Byron Bay because she wants to improve her English during her time in Australia.

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