New Starters! November 2


This week we have 12 new starters! Phil, Dean, Renata, Adrien, Kevin, Hiro, Carolina, Melody, Gwladys, Fabienne, Isabel and Tereza.

Isabel Gilli is from Switzerland and for her, studying English in an English-speaking country has always sounded like a dream! She will study at Lexis Byron Bay for 4 weeks, then travel the east coast before meeting her mother in New Zealand for a road trip.

Tereza Vlasakova from Czech Republic is in Australia for the first time and she’s interested in architecture and photography. Her dream job would be to do social research in architecture and urban planning. She hopes this time in Australia will give her chance to improve her English and decide what to do next.

Adrien Quintero is from Switzerland and he has a twin sister. His hobbies include horse riding, climbing and dancing salsa. He graduated from university last year and is taking a break now while he decides what to do next. He hopes to improve his spoken English to the highest possible level.

Gwladys Garcia from France loves sport and likes to discover new cultures, music and cinema. In France she is a communication apprentice. She chose to study in Australia because she wants to learn about the culture and become bilingual, as it’s important for her job. After studying at Lexis she plans to find a job.

Melody Larrieu from France also likes sport, especially running, swimming and soccer. She has come to study English in Australia for 6 weeks because it is a beautiful place with nice people and interesting wildlife.

Kevin Joerg is from Switzerland and he is a professional boat-builder. He loves water sports like wakeboarding, surfing and swimming. He wants to refresh and improve his level of English and after his time at Lexis he plans to travel.

Carolina Soares De Carvalho is from Brazil, where she studies Engineering. For her, studying in Australia is a dream because it is a nice place, the people are friendly and the weather is good.

Renata Pinheiro Sales is also from Brazil and she has transferred to Lexis Byron Bay from the Sunshine Coast, because she wanted a change and she wanted to live in a small place where all amenities are close together.

Min Yeob Kim (Dean) is from Korea and he is a university student. He has taken a break to come here and study English. His interests include football and watching movies. In Australia, he hopes to improve his speaking and communication.

Hiromichi Yoshimura is from Japan and his hobbies are playing bass, drums, guitar and rugby. He is also interested in surfing. He has come to Australia because the nature is beautiful, the location is good and there are funny animals.

Philjoon Kim (Phil) is from Korea and he loves watching movies and playing soccer. He wants to improve his English communication skills so it’s easier to watch English movies and speak with people from all over the world.

Fabienne Woell is from Switzerland and she likes to spend time with her friends and go horse riding. She’s also interested in photography. She has come to Lexis to learn more about grammar and she chose Australia because it’s a warm and interesting place.

Welcome to Lexis Byron Bay, everyone! 🙂

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