New Starters! November 30

We have 9 new starters this week at Lexis Byron Bay – Keiji, Seb, Eleonora, Ramon, Chrissie, Maud, Nahid, Ayuko and Jack (who missed the photo!)12305761_10156228212200612_1601039234_n (2)

Ramon Locher is from Switzerland and his hobbies include biking and climbing. He has just finished studying Mathematics and in the future he would like to work in IT, so he plans to do an internship as a software developer in Zurich next year. He wants to study English to become more fluent and he’s looking forward to having fun and making new friends here.

Chrissie Jaques is from Switzerland and she has been studying at Lexis Perth for the last 3 weeks. Now she will spend 3 weeks with us here in Byron Bay – we hope you enjoy your time here, Chrissie!

Ayuko Nishijima is from Japan and she enjoys travelling, exercise and chatting with friends. While she’s in Byron Bay she wants to try surfing! She is keen to improve her English and make lots of friends during her time at Lexis English. She loves the weather in Australia and hopes to spend time at the beach, doing yoga, surfing and meeting the Australian animals!

Maud Bernex is from France and she loves sport, especially skiing, football and contemporary dance. She also enjoys travelling and has been to many countries. In the future she would like to work in a hotels or restaurants, so it is important for her to improve her English.

Keiji Wada is from Japan and he is 30 years old. His hobbies include fishing trout and cooking. During his time in Byron Bay he hopes to improve his English and experience the Australian culture.

Nahid Ariane Kholgi is from Germany and she works as a makeup artist. Her hobbies include dancing, surfing and diving. Two years ago she went to Lexis Noosa and enjoyed her time there… she thinks the weather and nature in Australia are beautiful and she really likes the country.

Sebastian Christen is also from Switzerland and he enjoys skiing in winter and mountain biking in summer or playing street hockey. He works as a carpenter and likes his job. He wants to improve his English because he hopes to become a ski instructor. Australia is a great place to study because the weather is warm and he can enjoy the sea!

Jungyeol Baek (Jack) is from Korea and he enjoys listening to music and watching movies. He wants to improve his vocabulary and fluency and his friend recommended Byron Bay, so now he’ll study for a few months and then he’ll travel. In the future he hopes to start his own business.

Eleonora Panciroli is from Italy and her interests include swimming, diving, walking in nature and surfing. At university she has studied Geophysics and speaking better English will be useful for her when she seeks a job in the future. She will study at Lexis for three months and then she hopes to travel to Cairns.

Julia’s CAE class treat her to lunch!

My lovely CAE class treated me to lunch at Topshop today. We all enjoyed a delicious range of burgers, sandwiches and salads along with an extra order of hot chips. Thanks everyone, I’ll most certainly miss you as it’s been an interesting and wonderful 12 weeks with you all.


Miguel and Quentin


Naomi, Michelle and Miguel


Aurelie and Chris


End of Cambridge BBQ!!

We had a big BBQ this afternoon to celebrate the end of the Cambridge courses. Paul took care of the BBQ, the sun came out and the students enjoyed some sausages, salad and cold drinks.

12312421_10156220002260612_1324178068_n (2).jpg12309236_10156220003680612_1697447338_n (2).jpg12305601_10156220064595612_1281491369_n (2)

What happens next for our Cambridge students?

Today we say goodbye to our 3 Cambridge classes, so I’ve been finding out our students’ plans for after their exams…

12305410_10156220006520612_19733798_n (2)

Danilo Ciardo from Switzerland says his time at Lexis has been really good! He has enjoyed everything and told me that he found everyone here so friendly. He has worked hard and says everything has been great! He will return home on Sunday and will take his Cambridge exam there in a couple of weeks.


Yanosch Voegeli will spend a little more time in Byron Bay while figuring out his next plans… he hopes to travel a little in Australia, New Zealand or Southeast Asia and is considering starting a business when he gets back to Switzerland.

12270544_10156220006410612_1975319401_n (2)

Jana, Simon, Luana, Neil and Till from Switzerland have all enjoyed their time in Byron Bay. After their exams on Saturday and Tuesday, they have some exciting travel plans… Neil and Till are heading down the coast by car, while Jana, Simon, and Luana have an exciting trip planned to see Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa and the Great Ocean Road.

12270279_10156220064435612_1279184057_n (2)

Carmen and Remo from Switzerland have some great travel plans – they will be renting a van for an exciting road trip – happy travels, guys!

12286112_10156220064330612_249521459_n (2).jpg

Miguel Sabino de Freitas is from Brazil and he has been studying at Lexis Byron Bay for almost a year. Now, he plans to travel in Thailand and Europe before returning to Brazil. We will miss you, Miguel!

Graduation! General English – November 27

Last but not least for today, we say goodbye to our graduates from General English.

From Claudia’s Intermediate class, we say goodbye to Laura, Lucille, Amandine, Raphaela, Marine and Simon. Claudia said they have all been lovely students and wished them all the best for the future.

12283206_10156219625380612_502418545_n (2)

Laura, Lucille, Amandine, Raphaela, teacher Claudia, Marine and Simon

Anji’s IELTS class says goodbye to Lulu, Isabel and Tereza today. Anji said they have been fantastic student. We wish you all fun and good luck for your next adventures!

12295784_10156219657720612_53395425_o (2)

Anji and Lulu

12311356_10156219656640612_951099423_o (2)

Anji and Isabel


12312166_10156219625295612_724533037_n (2)

Anji and Tereza

Yumiko is graduating today too and her teacher Becky said she has been a pleasure to have in class. Good luck for the future, Yumiko!

12315277_10156219645370612_854191891_o (2)

Yumiko and her teacher Becky

FCE Graduation! November 27

Also graduating today are Paul and Josie’s FCE classes: Jana, Simon, Yanosch, Julia, Douen, Nicole, Benjamin, Fabricio, Remo, Brian, Elia and Livia12270271_10156219644450612_1553797264_n (2)12311932_10156219646090612_652448715_o (2)

…and Alain, Cendrine, Danilo, Tom, Julie, Luana, Miguel, Carmen, Luca, Tamara, Chloe and Ronnie.12299794_10156219645195612_1090235175_o (2)

Paul said that everyone has worked really hard and he is expecting good results from their exams. Josie agreed and said good luck to everyone!

School will be much quieter without you all, we’ll miss you!