Graduation – 30 October

This week, 7 students are leaving Lexis Byron Bay – DK, Natalie, Aiko, Kazuya, Heidi, Sabrina and Julia.

DK (Donguk Kim) and Natalie Schlegel are both transferring to Lexis Noosa. DK has been here for 28 weeks and has been a fun and hardworking student – we will miss you DK! Natalie has been here for just 2 weeks but has always been lovely and smiley around school. We hope you both enjoy your time in Noosa!


DK enjoying a taco at our Mexican BBQ Activity

Aiko Kikuchi and Kazuya Nagasaka from Japan have been in the Elementary class and their teacher Beckie wished them both lots of luck for the future. Kazuya said he has learnt many things here and he will keep studying English!


Kazuya and Aiko with teacher Beckie

Sabrina Sidler from Switzerland has been at Lexis for 8 weeks. Her teacher Kathleen said she is very sweet and special and has a wonderful ability to speak with people from different backgrounds. Sabrina told us she has had a great time in Byron Bay. Next she will travel in Australia for 4 weeks.


Sabrina Sidler with teacher Kathleen

Heider Gubler from Switzerland has been here for 4 weeks and her teacher Claudia said she is a real inspiration, always happy and interested in what she is learning. Heidi has been a great student and a lovely friendly person to see around school. Heidi said thank you to everyone for a very nice time in Byron Bay.


Heidi Gubler

Julia Vogt from Switzerland has been here for 6 weeks and her teacher Anji said she is really lovely and speaks excellent English. Julia said she has had a great time here and has found the English-only policy really useful. She also said that David was a particularly fantastic teacher and she has loved the atmosphere in Byron Bay. Enjoy your travels, Julia!


Julia Vogt with teacher Anji

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